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  1. Hey Guys, I really need some help with this one. I know Linus & Many many more do so many videos on which GPU to purchase at which price range it's not even funny but I'm finding it so hard to choose whether or not a CHEAP RTX 2060 is going to perform worse than an EXPENSIVE GTX 1660 Ti (or 1660 Super). My budget is $500 AUD and my current CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600 (stock clock) so I don't think either the 2060 or 1660 Ti should be anywhere near bottlenecking (Will be looking at R5 3600 later this year). But my choices at this price range (on PC Case Gear or Mwave) are the Galax RTX 2060 EX OC 6GB ($499 ex postage) OR The awesome looking MSi GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6GB ($479 ex postage). I have no experience with GALAX at all and don't want to buy a dodgy GPU, MSi on the other hand, I have never had an issue with! My main game titles I love to play are Division (1 & 2), NFS Heat & World of Warcraft. I'm hoping to remain at a stable 75 fps in either of these games with this GPU which I think should be doable (I don't mind having to "Optimize" with GeForce experience to get the stable frames but currently my GTX 1070 isn't keeping up with the pressure. Would greatly appreciate a fresh pair of eyes looking at this! Thanks very much. I really appreciate these forums as I live out in a rural country town in QLD, Australia and have nobody to brainstorm these kind of things with.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had any overclocking experience with the Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Core Edition GPU ? I seem to have the only GPU on the market these days that doesn't come with some form of "1-click OC" in the software. I have no OC'ing experience (CPU or GPU) and would like to know how far I can push this thing (safely) until my RTX 2060 arrives ? Would like to get a few more fps in NFS: Heat to stable it out on my 75 Hz monitor (Currently running around 68 - 70ish) Cheers, Gage
  3. Hey Everyone, So I've recently purchased Need For Speed: Heat and during the first run (and every run after) the game has had rather high CPU usage (80% - 100%). Initially I thought that was due to my outdated CPU (i7-3770) paired with the GTX 1070 but I have now upgraded to a Ryzen 5 2600 paired with the same GPU and I'm getting roughly the same amount of CPU usage. I've even tried turning the graphics settings to "Auto" hoping that it will maybe drop some settings to stop the CPU stressing. It might just be a terribly optimized game, I'm not sure... Just wanted to check as I didn't think it should be maxing out the 2600. Thanks, Gage
  4. Hey Everyone, I've recently purchased an Asus TUF Gaming notebook (specs will follow) and have noticed that the Ryzen 5 3550H reaches a max temp of 89c. I haven't had much experience with the Ryzen CPU's yet and i figured obviously the laptop ones are going to vary greatly from the desktop variant. Can anyone tell me what the safe operating temps are for this CPU ? and also, When the CPU thermal throttles ? Haven't been able to spot any performance drops as of yet but would still like to know. SPECS: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500H RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 GPU: GTX 1050 3GB SSD: Samsung 970 Pro m.2 NVMe Thanks very much! ?
  5. Thanks ? I'll let him know for when it happens again. Also... Your Corsair Vengeance LPX ram is listed in your signature as 32Ghz not 32GB (thought you'd like to know... Not being a smarta**) Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. Definitely Dual channel for the RAM... Not sure whether 8 or 16 GB though. I completely understand that there would be a bottleneck with that CPU + GPU combo and he’s not trying to OC, Just can’t even get through a complete session of X Flight with crashing or blue screening (IRQL error mostly he says) He’s checked all drivers etc twice over. Have advised that he tries a Gigabyte G1 Sniper H6.
  7. Hey Guys, Didn't really know where else to come with this one. My friend has recently purchased a "refurbished gaming PC" which has the following specs: CPU - i7-4770 (non k) GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1080 Watercooled Xtreme Gaming DDR3 RAM (8GB I think) The problem is that all of this hardware is running on what is showing in HWMonitor as a "Lenovo Shark bay" motherboard and from what i can find is only out of Lenovo Office PC's. I have explaining that the performance issues are due to this motherboard. When contacting the IT store he bought it from they stated that "I know nothing about computers and that the motherboard was fine" I've advised my friend to pickup a cheap 2nd hand 1150 mobo for the i7-4770 and his performance. Am i losing my mind or would this motherboard just completely "lock" all of his CPU features and bottleneck performance ? Any help would be great.
  8. Hey All, I've recently upgraded a few components in my PC and have noticed that I have a "Non-K" option in the bios of my motherboard (ASRock Z77 Fatality Performance). I have just upgraded from an i5-2500 to an i7-3770 (both non-k). Just wondering if anyone would be able to explain simply how this non-k overclock feature works and whether I should be messing around with it at all in the first place. Cheers.
  9. Just ran the benchmark again with Multi-GPU disabled and had the same result only 10 - 15 frames avg slower lol. I have also tried running with & without V-Sync. It's the weirdest thing. I'm running the benchmark now on my other system which has a placeholder RX 550 card to make sure it's not the game.
  10. Hey Everyone, I've just installed & benchmarked Dirt Rally on my system and have been pleasantly surprised with the fps that I'm getting. However, while benchmarking I have experienced a weird "flash" intermittently throughout. I have posted a non-listed youtube video for reference. This also occurs during normal gameplay however, only with this game. I have not had any trouble with this GPU at all (Still runs fantastic and sits comfortably @ 70c while in-game.
  11. It seems to be a RAM issue for sure. Your option here didn't work but I lowered the FSB to 400 (for the original target of 3.2Ghz) and put my RAM to 801Mhz @ 1.80 v and i finally got the windows loading circle however it blue screened and gave me an error "Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area". Frustrating that it was as easy as it was for the guy in the original video... I didn't think you had to change the ram speeds at all. ? It's set back to original 2.40GHz now until i figure out what's going on.
  12. The lowest setting on was either "931Mhz" or AUTO. Fairly certain it's only 800Mhz RAM though. (Attached image of sticker on side of RAM)
  13. Spread Spectrum for CPU is now disabled (Also, This CPU is LGA 775). Load Line Calibration is also disabled (Intel Spec according to mobo) Still not posting. Is this odd ? or am I just not meant to OC stuff? lol
  14. I've attached a few images of my BIOS settings after changing your recommendations. Can you see anything I've done wrong because the system won't post until I do a forced power cycle on it after applying those settings? I thought I had the RAM wrong at 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 and the RAM actually states on it that it's 5-5-5-12 so that should be fine now.
  15. When you say "Use specified" you mean, Specified on the RAM or "AUTO" on the motherboard? The RAM has the timing & voltage on the side but i thought if i just left it to auto it'd be okay. I was wrong apparently.
  16. MB: Asus P5Q-E RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR2 (2 x 2GB)
  17. Hey Everyone, So I've decided to overclock the Q6600 system I have here at home in hopes of pairing it with a GTX 760. The CPU is running at its base clock (2.40 GHz) and I have heard that this particular CPU can be comfortably OC'd to 3.2 GHz which I would like to achieve. I would like to point out at this time that I have NEVER overclocked any piece of hardware I've owned... I've always been too worried about damaging the hardware. I have searched around youtube etc. for videos showing how to do this (see below) and for some reason even if I follow each step I am unsuccessful. The computer shuts off when "saving & exiting bios" as it should but then won't post until i do a 30-sec power cycle on it and then I receive an "overclocking failed" error at which time I restore optimized defaults and try again. Can anyone help me with this? Please, Treat me like an alien when it comes to OC'ing as I do not understand what voltage etc. I need to change and do I need to follow the RAM steps on this video? I do not want to overclock the RAM. It's quite frustrating when everyone else has been able to successfully OC a CPU or GPU and every time I try, I don't even know where to start. How do you know what voltage you need at what clock speed? argh.. lol. Any help would be appreciated. P.S I really did try to source every piece of information before posting this here because the last thing I wanted is to come across as a "noob". This is the only aspect of PC building I have not yet ventured into. Thanks ? )
  18. I've just been trying what you said and for some reason, every now and then the GPU decides to lock its core to 214Mhz at which time I have to DDU the drivers and reinstall... But weirdly I can go directly back to my last OC attempt and be stable until I try again. It's like the software doesn't want me to change the GPU core more than once without DDU'ing the drivers.
  19. Hey Everyone, I am currently running an AMD RX 550 2GB as a placeholder card until my GTX 960 arrives and have begun to "explore" ways of overclocking this GPU. So far I have installed the Gigabyte Aorus software and put the card in OC mode which only moves the GPU clock from 1206 to 1219 Mhz. I have noticed that there is a "Professional mode" and would like to see what this little GPU is capable of. Having never overclocked any piece of hardware I've ever owned I would like some recommendations on what to set the following settings to. GPU Clock: (Base: 1206Mhz) Memory Clock: (Base: 7000Mhz) Power Target: (Currently at 0 or 50%) Hopefully, I haven't made myself sound completely OC illiterate. Hoping to get better with you help! Thanks everyone!
  20. I would love to but I'm going to be honest here... I have no overclocking experience whatsoever. I have no idea what the safe voltages and really don't want to damage the CPU because I believe I should still be able to build a fairly decent PC out of it. If anyone has any time at all to help run me through the process... I'd really appreciate it. In fact, I wouldn't mind using this PC as my first "over-clocked" rig if anyone is willing to teach me. Motherboard: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/990FXA-GD80/Specification Thanks ?
  21. Thanks very much, WereCatf. It turned out that the AMD Turbo needed to be turned off. It's booting correctly now. Would this impact my CPU performance at all? Because I thought this CPU had turbo... I could be wrong though.
  22. Hey All, I've recently had an MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboard given to me (friend updated his system). The motherboard posts fine and will sit in the bios for as long as you leave it, The crazy thing will also get 100% through installation of Windows (7 or 10) but as soon as the computer tries to boot to the OS (after installation) the system immediately blue screens and gives me the error "whea uncorrectable error". I have no idea what is causing it and I have even tried to load up a live USB of Ubuntu to see if I could get anything that way. It's absolutely crazy. Current CPU is AMD Phenom II X4 1045T. Please help? Thanks all.
  23. Hey Everyone, Needing some expert advice here... I'm currently throwing together an entry level gaming PC for one of my family members with parts that I have been able to get very cheap (Scrapyard wars style). I have managed to get an AMD A4-7300 APU which is currently running at 3.80 GHz (paired with an AMD RX 550). The problem that I am having is that this particular CPU is idling at 60 - 80 degrees Celcius (140 Fahrenheit) and maxes out at 95 degrees Celsius (after running Unigine Valley bench for 30 mins). At the moment everything seems stable and I have not had any crashes but I was just wondering what the normal operating temps are for this CPU as I found this to be very high (having mainly only dealt with Intel CPU's) P.S - Is it worth the money to just throw in the cheapest AIO to make sure all is safe? The case has space for a 240mm (dual) rad at the front, Was considering it & the RGB would be a nice touch to an otherwise stock looking case. Thanks All ?
  24. Hey All, I have recently purchased myself a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 and currently only have a 256GB M.2 SSD installed for my OS. I naturally went to the generic Windows 10 disk cleanup utility to see if there were any previous windows installations to clean up and have discovered the "Compress your OS drive" option. Can anyone recommend/advise against this option? I will soon be installing a 2nd 2.5" SATA SSD for increased storage but would like to clear any unneeded space from the OS drive at this time. This machine will be used mainly for gaming and if this compression option impacts gaming performance in any way, I will not use it. Thanks, everyone!
  25. Can anyone give me an idea of what the best overclock levels for a passively cooled 9600 GT Silent Cell card would be? And what software is best for overclocking beginners? I've never overclocked any of my GPU's before and have chosen this expendable card for testing. Hopefully, I should be able to push it enough to see some sort of fps boost with Unigine's Valley. haha