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  1. hello, so i have an old computer with a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R board in it. it always had some problems with detecting RAM channels, but today i pulled it out of the closet it was sitting in and decided to pop in some more ram into it. i fired it up and for some reason i only had 4GB (instead of 8). so i looked in the bios and it shows this: looks like it detects all 4 slots, but disables slot 3 and 4. i played around with the amount of ram (number of sticks inserted) and swapped slots and what i found is that it will always have only 2 active slots, regardless if they're of the same channel, and the slots will always change when i remove sticks. in short, my motherboard only allows 2 slots to work at one time. EDIT: experimented with it a little more and discovered that slots 1&2 are the only ones that get disabled when slot 3&4 are populated and vice versa. does anybody know why this happen? and how do i fix it??
  2. alright, so i solved the problem: i set the bios to "fail safe mode" and tried booting to my installation disc. this time, instead of a blank screen for all eternity, it showed an error code: 0xc0000225. i looked it up and didn't find much except that it's a generic error code' however' i did find a person who suggested turning on IOAPIC in bios, and it seems that before it was disabled, however, with fail safe mode on, it was enabled. the problem was that the MPS version (something that is only available when IOAPIC is on) was set to 1.1, and my computer needed version 1.4, so i set it to that and viola! everything works like it should again my guess it that mps (MultiProcessor Specification) 1.1 only supports 32 bit processors, and thus forced my processor to run on 32 bit mode or something, hence it wouldn't run 64 bit apps, hence it won't install 64 bit OS's. also, one my DVD rom seems to be going bad, so i swapped it just to be sure.
  3. The activation servers for windows XP have been shut down, so the internet option isn't gonna work... the phone option should work, although sometimes when you change a lot of hardware parts, windows XP just "forgets" that you have ever inserted an activation key, and the code that you dial in to the phone service is based on that key, so what it currently gives you is a generic code that does not exist. your best bet is to try to enter a different valid key if possible and then try the phone service once again. you might also try to enter oobe (out of box experience) mode, although i'm not sure if you can do that without having access to windows explorer. you might be able to use it through a windows PE disc.
  4. what does it need other than the installer?
  5. tried it. didn't work. how is the installer version going to change the fact that it's not finding the server anyway?
  6. tried downloading the offline installer and it gave me the same error i just tried using windwos vista ISO but windows XP couldn't open it and i don't want to burn another DVD...
  7. i know that i can't just take a hard drive and put it in another computer and expect it to work. that's why i put it in oobe mode before hand. reseating the ram has nothing to do with this problem, and as you said, the hard drive should be fine because it boots to XP. i have not tried another 32 bit system, and that sounds like a good idea. thanks! i doubt that resetting the bios will help, but ill try it...
  8. seems like the problem is either in one of your drivers (as you stated) or the OS. you might need to reinstall windows, but before you do so, try opening up command prompt and typing "sfc /scannow". it might help here.
  9. try opening command prompt and run "sfc /scannow". it might fix some problems. you can also try updating windows instead. you should also update all your drivers (i like using IObit Driver Booster. it's free and really good)
  10. yeah, but i have a little project where i want to have at least one computer with each Microsoft OS that came out in the last 20 years. dunno why, just wanna do it.
  11. it ran well enough. it's not a main computer so it doesn't need to run super fast.
  12. i'll try that and let you know how it goes. 7 should run well enough, but i'm planning on installing vista anyway lol
  13. core 2 duo E6420 mobo: P965 Neo graphics: 8400GS
  14. core 2 duo E6420 mobo: P965 Neo graphics: 8400GS