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  1. I picked up a dell Xps tower with an i7 ddr3 16gb and a radeon gpu it missing the hard drive i have an extra 2 tb seagate hard drive i downloaded windows 10 set up on usb and when i go to set it up i got a key but when i go to install says cant find portion to install...... what do i do ?
  2. I got access to it by uninstalling a program called web companion adware then it let me delete it. but how do I know if it's completely off my system do I just empty the recycle bin?
  3. no there isn't, more details is grayed out i tried to see if it was running in task manager but nothing also my anti-virus was stopped im using windows defender
  4. I Have unlocker but when i right click it it doesn't show up
  5. So I was clearing out my download folder on my hard drive and I noticed that a file in there that won't delete it say must have permission to delete but I've tried to change permissions and still nothing please help hope it's not a virus also this concerned me