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  1. Banned for making me laugh with your avatar
  2. I did not know that... lol I'll just do that then Thanks for the help everyone!!!!
  3. So I'm currently looking for a way to get Windows 10 for free. (Currently working on a new build) so is there a way to get it for free without the watermark or pirating it from a sketchy website?
  4. Oh sorry I wasn't aware of that. Still weapons that are locked behind paywalls piss me off because there will always be one or two that are just overpowered. Seeing that you get 2 weapons for preordering the game doesn't give me much hope for them changing it.
  5. So I wanna set up a public server for quake live, how would i go about doing that? (Parts, setup process, etc.)
  6. It really depends on what language you want to learn.
  7. I wanted to play age of empires once. It looked really hard though lol.
  8. I dunno, I'd rather no battle pass or loot boxes. I would rather all the content to be available for everyone. Not just the people that opened hundreds of loot boxes or spending money on the battle pass. This way, everyone has the same amount of content (not including dlc maps of course)
  9. I actually have over 1000 hours on the original postal
  10. That's not too bad tbh. I have probably spend more on CSGO skins...
  11. Mine would be Doom 2. But what game or games have you spent the most time with? (I have spent more time with doom 2 than I have with my family lol)