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  1. Kinda worried this shit is getting toxic. Look at this SS i made of another youtubers live stream chat. I marked it with the red arrow. It might just be a joke but you know how dumb ppl can be on the internet and how far people can take it. There are also several active mods as you can see and it did not get deleted.
  2. Johnny Who

    RTX no Win8 drivers?

    Thanks for the help. Managed to upgrade to win10, hasn't asked my for a license key so guessing it just took the one that was already in the system from win8.
  3. Johnny Who

    RTX no Win8 drivers?

    So i got my 2060 in today and went to download drivers only to notice that RTX doesnt support win8? What should i do, can i use win7 drivers for now ? OR would it be better of upgrading to win10 and is it still free?
  4. Johnny Who

    What makes a game CPU/GPU intensive?

    I was wondering if anybody here could answer what determines if a game is GPU or CPU intensive. Is it even actually a thing or just one of those things gamers simple keep repeating even if its not true? Is it just a matter of, if a game isn't very graphically demanding than it will be the CPU that will be the problem if you experience low frames or is there more to it? Is it perhaps engine design, do certain game-engines maybe distribute workload differently? Or is it perhaps the type of game that determines it, for example games that require complex AI are generally more CPU bound etc..
  5. Johnny Who

    Several GPU options

    So i am looking at several GPU options which i will list below. I'd like to hear people opinions about them. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6G €376 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti WINDFORCE 8G €385 Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56 GAMING OC 8G €341 Gigabyte RX Vega 64 Gaming OC 8G €426 So most people have been suggesting the 2060 so far. Its seems to have the best price/performance ratio. However i do dislike the RTX series, people say the 6GB shouldn't be a issue for 1080/1440 but still for future proofing it something that bothers me. I also worried about he GDDR6 memory issues te RTX cards have been reporting, so far i have only seen stuff about this being a issue with the 2070/2080 so not sure if this is something to worry about with the 2060s. The Vega 64 is a bit more out of the price range of the other but i put it on the list in case people think its worth it spending that extra 50-75. Other spec of system i would probably be using this GPU with CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Monitor: 1080/144hz So the question, What would you get and what is your reasoning behind it.
  6. Johnny Who

    Good ATX case for under 100$

    https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2904-silverstone-redline-rl06-case-review As i am looking for a case as well i looked around a bit recently and this one gets good review from gamers nexus. According to them it has one of the best airflows among budgets cases. If noise is a issue though they suggest its not the best for that.
  7. Johnny Who

    Downclock I5-2500k to make it stable

    Just to make it clear as i worded it wrong. I have not downclocked the CPU what i did was turn off the turbo-boost function meaning the CPU stays at 3.3ghz.
  8. A couple months ago my PC started crashing and BSOD. Every time the PC restarted the bios message was that the 3.7ghz clock caused the crashed which is the auto-boost clock as the CPU is not overclocked. I turned off auto-boost and the system has been stable the last month or so. Now someone told me i should increase the voltage to get the CPU to run normally again because he believes it's a simply age/degradation issue and the CPU simply needing more Volt to run stable. Another cause for the crashed could perhaps have been my memory. I noticed my memory profile was running XMP profile which i am not sure my RAM even support so i also turned that off at same time as disabled the CPU boost feature. https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/khx1600c9d3k2_8g.pdf < My ram I have also run the IntelProcDiag tool and the windows memory test and both CPU and RAM passed without any issues.
  9. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    Is it worth it at least going for a windforce version for the added cooling? I can find 6 different gigabyte 2060 on that site and i can see some are OC and others also have the windforce 3xfan system but otherwise are there any important durability/quality differences? Any suggestion for which one to get, i guess you're saying just get the cheapest one and OC it yourself.
  10. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    Thanks for the suggestions and will certainly look at implementing some of those changes. Now as for a GPU. So from what i can tell the general opinion seems to be that the performance increase of a 2070 over a 2060 is, if you are budget building, not worth it. So the only other consideration here i guess is the memory difference of 6 vs 8 GB. Now keeping in mind that in the future i might be interested in running a second monitor, which i wouldn't use to game but to just have side stuff open like internet browser or watching a video etc.. is this something i should take into consideration with the vram difference? Also as i said im considering buying a GPU first and then 2-3 months later a new system. So now the timing for this, from what i understand Navi wont be in stores until Q4 and couldn't quickly find anything on nvidia bringing anything new until next year. So would right now be a good time to purchase a GPU or is there anything at all within the next 2-3 month that could impact the prices? Right now, as i have always had Gigabyte GPU and so far i haven't been disappointed by them i am looking at the https://www.megekko.nl/product/1963/1032612/Nvidia-Videokaarten/Gigabyte-GeForce-RTX-2060-Gaming-OC-6G-Videokaart Which is their premium overclocked 2060 with their windforce cooling solution.
  11. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    I think for the 970evo he was talking about the WD 250GB at the bottom of the list and not the MX500 which is indeed only 20-30 more. As for the 2070 i have read the same. Also to clarify. The 250gb SSD will be used for Win10 boot, Internet Browser and some general programs and the 500GB for any games that i feel benefit from SSD.
  12. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    https://www.megekko.nl/home/ Its in Dutch however, so you might have some issue navigating the site and dont believe they have option to switch language.
  13. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    As i said, i will probably be buying a GPU sooner so that would already be present when i do go and buy a new system as it will already be a upgrade over my current GTX770 anyway and split the cost a bit instead of one bigger purchase. As for overclocking i dont have concrete plans of actually doing any overclocking yet. The PSU i was under the impression Seasonic was a decent PSU manufacture and as for the SSHD it seemed reasonable priced (30-40 more) for a QOL item. If you have any suggestion for replacement of these part id like to hear them.
  14. Johnny Who

    Mid-Range/Budget Build

    1. Budget & Location ~€800-900 Euro without GPU Location: EU/the Netherlands 2. Aim Gaming - CS:GO/EVE:Online/Path of Exile/EU4/Star Citizen? 3. Monitors At first my current 60hz, in the future a 120-140hz at 1080 or 1440 if possible. Interest in maybe a second monitor along the line. 4. Peripherals No peripherals needed. Thinking of getting one of those 20-30 euro OEM Win10 licenses. 5. Why are you upgrading? My current system: I5-2500k / 8GB Ram / GTX7704GB is starting to show its age. Already had to turn off boosting on the CPU as it was crashing due to Overclocking according to the bios whenever it auto-boosted to 3.7mhz. So planning on upgrading my system within the next ~3-4 months possibly wait till Zen2 to see how prices develop, right now just doing the research and getting up-to-date on current developments in CPU/GPU. My preference at the moment is with AMD, as i feel it will save me money on the short and long run with a possible upgrade to Zen2 without having to worry about getting a new MB. To split up cost i plan to buy a GPU probably before actual buying a whole new system as i can just stick that in my current system and probably see some benefit already. For GPU budget would be between €450-550 so in the 1070TI/2070/Vega56 range would love some advice for that as well. Here is a SS of what i looked at so far.