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  1. Paper towels are not for wiping your butt, or flushing. Sounds like you're gonna need a plumber before they make a vaccine. Stop giving bad paper advice. ONLY Toilet paper and tissue paper can be flushed.
  2. @LinusTech Its all clickbait. No need to watch anymore. Pack it up. We're going home.
  3. No. Do not do that. Do not ever let anyone stay over. If you do, prepare bad times. It's safe to say you're not a descendent of a knight of hospitaller. I understand you wanted to try out an idea, but i showed my wife your paragraph. She was horrified. You should seriously be chanting "NO"... If anybody did steal, it could cause you both to get put in jail. Getting booked at the same time can risk being put in the same cell if the town is even small enough......... Rule of thumb. Don't do that. Don't think that. Say no. Now if you needed a view of the back yard, street, and porch. Alarms will be misery with the police calls and having to change the alarm all the time. It would only be used when people weren't staying there really. Doesnt sound like a money making scheme to me.. if you screw people over don't expect repeat customers. Good customers leave when you put a bad taste in their mouth. If you only expect trash you'll only ever get theiving peasants for tenants.
  4. People as a whole don't use computers like people that use forums say they do. 4/8 should become the economic sweet spot and people with 4 will just wish they were hyperthreading. There's still 2 core out there using ssd, and those are plenty fast for simple work.
  5. Why would anyone worry about Amazon losing money? Screw your heads on straight and understand Amazon is like sears. Once they are poweful enough to kill the competition they will increase their prices like Walgreens.
  6. I use firefox all the time. Except for some streams, because it locks up after a few minutes. It's hysterical how someone can report personal experience that can go back as far as netscape, and have someone be all like nah. Way back when in the year 2012: you'd have a better chance being allowed that download on internet explorer after a crappy firefox update. Not that anyone should use IE. But ok..................................
  7. Bruce Willis plays an antihero. It's an anti Christmas movie. It was released for Christmas in July which is when shoppers try to sneak in deals like buying heaters in the summer for use during a time frame that happens to be Christmas. Die hard is about breaking the mold, poking fun at mold, and reusing broken mold to create another one. They did do the same thing with 2 only blew up an airport. I dont think people initially went to see the movie and thought xmas, but they did once they saw it.
  8. Sounds like we need another nvme, and a thread locker...
  9. I use edge for streams cause it's actually more stable than the current build of firefox. Firefox has been downhill since 2012..
  10. Edge is a chromium browser. Might need to get over this hurdle before you bother fixing anything. Why would they use something they hate?
  11. It's pretty fun to get banned at times. I love getting banned on reddit.
  12. Would work fine. Your human eyes will have fun either way.
  13. Did you unplug the psu when you pulled the battery?
  14. I cannot believe star wars is this bad.. i just keep looking at all the other ones now like they're something jj abrams would have made. Fuck that turd.
  15. Use something like ghostery if you don't want to use a vpn. It's better than nothing. Really if you visit all the gross websites nobody will look at what you did.
  16. 4790k is a good CPU. bbut you might be able to find a better deal in the current market
  17. I Keep thinking about that dumb shit brat Daniel Eaton aka paps223 who's mom paid to top get him good homeschool grades. I wonder if he still gets a dell prebuilt every year. Life is about what you do yourself. Not what mom and dad want, and do for you. If you're really smart you'd find a way to make the gov pay you off for life before you're too old to enjoy yourself.. Instead of flexing keyboard nuts on a forum only linus and his rgb crew hang out on. I would have liked to, but I didn't have to finish my air force degree. They pay me to stay home. School is nice, but don't forget the guy that made half-life dropped out of Harvard. Abraham Lincoln apparently taught himself to read, and invented a wood mallet that cannot lose its head. that we don't even use anymore. Thomas Edison ripped off everybody and America still thinks he invented electricity. But keep testing well im sure synthetic benchmarks are everything in a world that judges dick size off the price and ability to fix your own car. If you think I'm full of it. Think about how cardi B and post malone are a few in control of consumerism as we speak. There's enough morons to vote in trump. Anyone for microtransactions?
  18. Student debt can keep you from stepping to the next stage at life. Make sure you choose a school you won't have to worry about funds. Go for scholarship. look for dorms (some are 4 room "apartments" now). Good cafeteria, local food, mobility, etc. make sure moral is good. You want a cheap used car market. Don't go to a technical college where junk is expensive. It just hurts you while you're there. Creating a hole. Don't let a test convince you that real world anomalies don't exist. The smartest scientist could get stranded on the desert for not topping off a radiator. When you are at a crossroads with yourself, ponder if future self would like it.
  19. Lawls...... sat scores have nothing to do with overclocking and rgb.
  20. Toilets already cut off the circulation of your legs. The "right height" toilets are worse. These will probably let you sit longer once you learn to lean on it.