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    Currently working as a swim teacher for very small kids to save up for that sweet desktop.

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  1. Would an X5675 bottleneck a 580?
  2. My friend owns a comouter with: x58 LGA 1366 mobo https://www.aliexpress.com/item/For-Lenovo-S20-Thinkstation-X58-LGA-1366-Desktop-Motherboard-64Y7517-71Y8819-71Y8820/32633125414.html 12gb (3x4) of ddr3 1066mhz dram xeon W3550 Nvidia Quadro 2000D He wants to game but this computer doesn't reach 60 fps 1080p in games he wants to play(War Thunder, Fortnite). His budget to upgrade is around $150-200 but I'm not completely sure how much he is gonna save up. The graphics card is what he has been considering to give an upgrade but the mobo only has Pci e gen 2. How would it be to buy something like a used rx580 and put it in this system? Would it perform better than what he has? If he replaces the gpu then how much would he be able to sell the quadro for?(used since 2014, dusty) Is this upgrade stupid and should he just save up and replace almost everything? Should he prioritize another upgrade such as the ram? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. I think it looks good but maybe add a big HDD because 500gb is, for some people, not enough these days.
  4. TomasFr

    Fast 8gb or slower 16gb?

    Oh I will definiately buy a mobo with 4 dimm slots. I've been looking at the MSI b450m MORTAR. I'll probably buy a dual channel kit and leave two slots open for upgradeability.
  5. TomasFr

    Fast 8gb or slower 16gb?

    Thank you! What would tweaking mean then? Messing with the volts?
  6. TomasFr

    Fast 8gb or slower 16gb?

    How much can you overclock RAM then? Can I buy a 2400mhz set and oc it to 3000mhz? Or would I have to get 2800mhz to be able to oc over 3000?
  7. Hi! So apparently RAM prices are sinking. My budget couldn't afford 16gb before but if the prices drop I might be able to get a kit. It would have to be slower than I'd like since i plan on using a Ryzen processor though. The other option is to stay with 8gb but buy a faster kit. That way I could always add more of the fast RAM rather than changing a whole 16gb set if it ever is too slow. I don't actually think that I will really benefit much from 16gb since I will only play pretty simple videogames(CSGO, War Thunder). Note that I'm NOT asking for specific RAM kits but that I just waned to see what you would do and what I should do. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Wow that sucks. This could reach court couldn't it?
  9. The Athlon 200GE will offer an easy upgrade path in the furure to the Ryzen processors because it uses the same socket. A good mobo is the asrock pro4. Gigabyte B450M DS3H is cheaper and mATX but won't support anything much better than Ryzen 3 2200G.
  10. TomasFr

    Is there any logic to the GTX 1660 Ti name?

    Maybe a 1660 non Ti will be released soon, together with a 1650 or something along those lines?
  11. TomasFr

    Is my Power Supply Good Enough?

    Not what you were specifically asking for in this case but: Note that the Ryzen 3000-series will release sometime soon and it might make the previous generations cheaper. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. TomasFr

    The 500b or the 600b PSU?

    Interesting! There is definiately a lot more for me to learn as I barely understood what you ment. But I did. *"look up q300l builds" has been added to the to do list* Thanks again everyone! I learned a lot by this!
  13. TomasFr

    The 500b or the 600b PSU?

    The CX550 is only $2 cheaper so I'd go for the cxm if I were to choose between the two. A modular PSU is of coarse nice to have. I think I'll be building in the q300l and it's pretty open so maybe paying extra for the cxm is worth it?
  14. TomasFr

    The 500b or the 600b PSU?

    The CX550M is $80 in Sweden vs the evga 500b witch is $69. Is the cxm worth it? Thanks for all the help guys!
  15. TomasFr

    The 500b or the 600b PSU?

    I have looked at it but unfortunaly it’s more expensive in sweden. Im from sweden, why should I not get the evga b?