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  1. Would doing 3 intake on the side and 3 intake on the bottom then exhaust out the top be a good idea? I could probably lower the fan speed a bit to combat noise with the added fans.
  2. Hello, I've decided on doing a new build for the first time in many years and it will be my first experience with closed loop water cooling for the CPU. I've decided on a Lian-Li 011 Dynamic, 9700k, 2080ti, and Kraken X72 cooler. Does anybody have any advice on fan configuration? I believe this cooler will only fit top mounted in this case, which makes me think I would have the 3 fans pushing air through the rad as exhaust fans, then I will have 3 120mm fans on the side. These side fans I see in a lot of reviews are set as exhaust fans and perform very well, I'm not sure if I should have the top as an intake fan which goes against everything I know about heat dissipation, and then the side fans for exhaust, or if the top should be exhaust and the side intake. Another option is the Lian-Li 011 Air which has a bit more options for placement, I plan on overclocking the CPU to around 5GHz, so if that is a better option I'd appreciate opinions on it as well as fan layout with that case. Thanks for the help in advance.