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  1. Are my PC specs ballanced or is it only my CPU and GPU holding me back from 4k ultra
  2. I built a PC I notice when I play games campaign or multiplayer it laggy and I don't have really good fps I have the settings on true 4k with ultra settings I do get 60 fps sometimes more fps but I think I can do better my PC specs are Gigabyte gaming 3 And ryzen 3 2200 Nvidia rtx 2070 Ddr 4 vengeance lpx 16 gigs 3000 mzh (2 8 gigs) I have a feeling it's my CPU but I don't know again I don't know if that is a good balance or a shitty balance please be truthful
  3. I have a custom PC my specs are

    Gigabyte gaming 3 

    Windows 10 64 bit

    Vengeance lpx 16 gigs of RAM (2 8 gig sticks)

    Nvidia rtx 2070

    And ryzen 3 2200 with graphics but they are disabled

    I don't get a whole lot of fps 

    And it seems very laggy on games like battlefield 1 battlefront 2 etc any resloution I put it on it still seems laggy I think it's my CPU but I don't know I need help


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    2. dizmo


      Your CPU would be the bottleneck, and honestly, 4k is pretty demanding for that gear.

    3. Gabe1996


      Any suggestions on CPU would it be less deamding if it was a ryzen 7 I wan't it to play flawless on true 4k so plus I am trying to crush the Xbox one x and PlayStation pro specs 

    4. dizmo


      A Ryzen 7 would be better, but for 4k maybe try lowering the settings.