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  1. As title says, i got the xfx vega 64 for quite a steal imo (300€), now i'm looking for a new monitor (currently 1080p/60hz). CPU is R5 2600 and 16gb 3200 ram. I want to always be a bit futureproof, so it makes sense to go 1440p+144Hz, now I always try to keep the budget as low as possible, so I found the Samsung C27JG50 - cheap, just no freesync(in my country for around 320€, but i havent found that many reviews, does anyone have it? Is it a good monitor?). So here comes the question, can I game on this vega 64 (considering it with undervolting/overclocking) on high settings in AAA games like GTA V / Witcher / Doom / AC / Tomb raider without freesync and not experience substantial screen tearing etc? If i get around 100 fps or more on 144hz monitor, do I actually need freesync or is more for 70-80fps? A cheap freesync 1440p/144hz would be MSI optix which is 80€ more.