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  1. I have a laptop that i want to connect to external monitor keyboard mouse and usb hub. Basically something just like this video but without external gpu. I want to use fans but i dont really know how. How to connect to a laptop, how to power them etc.
  2. Shreyaan

    Slow WiFi

    Uhhhh.... What?
  3. Shreyaan

    I want pc build upto $2000.

    I need a case with a great front airflow so a suggestion would be helpful
  4. the use case will be like 55% aftereffects and photoshop and like 45% gaming. including a monitor Parts I am planning to go for Cpu - Ryzen 7 2700X / intell I7 9700k Motherboard - not decided yet Gpu - 2070 Need help mainly to decide between the processor and case EDIT - I need a case with front airflow Thanks in advance
  5. Shreyaan

    Ryzen 7 1700x vs i7 8700

    I am gonna use aftereffects and photoshop plus gaming and i m confused too