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  • Birthday 1997-02-05

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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 2200G
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime B450M-K
  • RAM
    2x8gb 2666Mhz TeamGroup Elite
  • GPU
    Nvidia P106-100
  • Case
    Tecware Nexus M
  • Storage
    1TB WD Blue + 250GB Seagate Barracuda SSD
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster 500W
  • Display(s)
    Samsung LC24F390FHEXXM
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    AVF RR6 Hades
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. poorboy

    P106 NOW SUPPORT DirectX (Not Official)

    The 2200G is a great budget processor, and is one of the best bang for your buck processors in the market. The 2400G is also great. I would wholeheartedly recommend them-- I just wouldn't recommend them with a P106. I'd suggest getting yourself a second hand RX 580 or something if you go with a 2200G or 2400G. The 2400G's 4C/8T is more future proof than the 2200G's 4C/4T, so if your budget allows for it, I'd suggest going with the 2400G. If you're hard set on using the P106, I'd go for an equivalent i5 processor if your budget allows for it. You could get an i3 8100, it's almost identical in performance (it's slightly better) to the 2200G and additionally can use 16 PCIE lanes, but you can see the price difference for yourself.
  2. poorboy

    P106 (GTX1060) Microsoft basic render driver issue

    Tell us what processor you're using and what version of Windows you're running.
  3. poorboy

    Missing Graphics Settings button

    You have to tell us more than that if you want us to help you. From what you've said here, I can confidently guess that you're using a pre-Haswell Intel CPU. So far, I don't think anyone has found a way to force the P106 to play nice with Ivy Bridge processors or older.
  4. poorboy


    You're our hero, honestly.
  5. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    I've been trying desperately to force Windows 10 to detect it displaying out, to no avail. If I could, then I would set it as my primary display, then press Windows + P and set it to duplicate display. It would force the P106 to all the rendering, and then my APU would mirror it. Let me know if Windows still thinks a second display after your drivers are installed. It would appear that the only way to force this would be to make a hardware modification to connect a couple of grounding wires.
  6. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    From what I understand, you're out of luck. The A10 does not support GPU passthrough. You'll have to use a Ryzen or 4th generation or higher Intel CPU.
  7. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Still trying to buy? I've taken very good care of my P106, and I had meant to use it as my GPU for the foreseeable future, but I think I may decide to get rid of it after all.
  8. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    This may amuse you, but I'm using a cut chopstick to prop my card up.
  9. poorboy

    P106 NOW SUPPORT DirectX (Not Official)

    I'm using a B450M-K from Asus. It will work with any Ryzen motherboard, though. However, after about a month of use, I would heavily recommend gaming with a P106 with an Intel system rather than with a Ryzen one; Ryzens with APUs installed can only utilize 8 PCIE lanes. Most Intel processors do not have the same problem, it differs by model.
  10. poorboy

    P106 NOW SUPPORT DirectX (Not Official)

    You have tried in two laptops? Does that mean that you're running a P106 as an eGPU? Because if you are, then it's being SERIOUSLY bottlenecked. The P106 has a PCIE 1.1 x16 connector, which itself brings a 5-10% performance hit, and running a PCIE 1.1 x4 (as eGPUs do) will bottleneck it down to a 75% performance hit. At that point, it may be worse than some laptops' actual GPUs.
  11. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    This actually sounds like a great workaround. Can you go into Windows settings and set it to "mirror this display"? How were you able to trick Windows into thinking there was something plugged into the port on the card?
  12. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Wait WHAT. WHAT.
  13. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    For some reason, Windows is still considering my P106 as an eGPU. I've noticed that this actually significantly reduced its performance, and I haven't yet found a fix I even tried reinstalling Windows (as it was working properly the first time, with a fresh Windows install) but it still doesn't work. I'm starting to wonder if it's a BIOS setting, but even after resetting the BIOS to factory defaults the problem still occurs.
  14. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Yup, so my suspicions were confirmed; I held off using the P106 as an eGPU because I suspected that it wouldn't even be that much more powerful than my laptop's 760M after the bottleneck! In Linus's build, the bottleneck didn't have as large of an impact on 1080p gaming. IIRC it should have 90-95% performance, not a full 100%.
  15. poorboy

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    That is because the P106 only has PCIE 1.1. It's the primary reason I've never recommended it as an eGPU card (or else I would have done it myself for my own laptop). How is the performance like at 1.1 speeds? How does it compare to the 760 at 2.0 speeds?