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  1. I accidentaly toggled the option of beeing able to install not signed drivers and I don't know how to reverse it!!!!! I wanted to play a game and an error of easy anti cheat jumped 30007! I don't want my account banned so I stopped trying and I am searching for help Thanks
  2. Facxmon

    Doubts about nvme m.2

    I don’t know, its how the price is set, and by math a 240gb 3200mbps reading nvme for (4500 pesos) os much better than a ssd 240gb 500mbps for (1200 pesos) Also a 500gb 500mbps ssd is at (3000 pesos) abd besides I am just focused on speed not in storage, I have 2 tb. I just wanna have a fast boot and 3 low-wheight games (csgo, league, etc) Exchange tipe 1Usd=40pesos
  3. Facxmon

    Doubts about nvme m.2

    In my country (Argentina) The WD are very expensive and the price-benefit relation is much better on Samsung because they are constantly on sales. Also, right now I am using a HDD which is very slow, so yeah, I notice the difference
  4. Facxmon

    Doubts about nvme m.2

    I wan't Really high speeds of information transfer, I know they are the same but I still rather have an m2 that has also the possibility to be "hidden" inside the motherboards when I do a total upgrade, apart, mi pc case doesn't have any more bays nor sata inputs available
  5. Facxmon

    Doubts about nvme m.2

    I don't know, it just happenend it overclocked and I don't understand how
  6. Facxmon

    Doubts about nvme m.2

    I have a computer which is starting to go slow and I want to know if my next idea is good for the situation. I have a mother which has only one pcie x4 slot available. I thought about using an adapter to connect a samsung evo 960. Here are my doubts: 1)Will the adapter “take away” reading and writing speed? If so, how many? 2) As I mentioned I have an old pc (specs below) and I don’t know if the 12 gb ddr3 1600mhz ram would do a bottleneck. Would a “bottleneck” be caused? specs: cpu: i5-4590 @ 3,60 ghz ( I don’t know how It got overclocked) gpu: gtx 1050 ti Ram: Dual channel 1x8gb and 1x4gb, ddr3 1600mhz sorry for my bad English