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  1. Fixed. Used The moble App instead. That is stupidly broken, no offense to @LinusTech
  2. First off, if you can, try WestJet. Its like the US version of Jet Blue, but slightly cheaper. Also, go though thier own website, because things like Expedia and all get a % cut of the profits, and if you have an issue, the airline will direct you to them insead, which can be very unhelpful. Also, why are you asking for help with an airline on a tech forumn? Its not like YOU CANT EVEN BUY THE DAMN CONVENTION TICKETS!!!! *deep breaths Ive had a stressfull day.
  3. @LinusTech Is anyone else having major issues with the LTX19 website? It wont let my buy tickets, even though it says that they arent sold out yet. And most of the buttons (Tickets, More Info, etc.) and the three bars at the right of the screen dont even work. PLEASE SEND HELP @LinusTech and @CPotter
  4. @LinusTech & @CPotter The website appears to be somewhat broken, at least for me. After spending fifteen minutes trying to navigate the limited website, i finally discovered that i needed to create an account with TIXR. Did that. Still wont let me buy a ticket. pls send help. P.S. I have an image of you from that Nvidia i'm sorry video, on the left of my screen. That face is how i feel right now.
  5. @CPotter & @LinusTech Website wont let me buy tickets
  6. Thank you. I was thinking of building it myself, accept i have absolutely no idea how to do so. I wouldnt want to take the risks. Is buying prebuilt more expensive than buying individual parts? (Seems like that to me.)
  7. Greetings. Here's to hoping that the tech wizards of the LTT forums can help me out. Looking to buy my first PC. Before now, the only things I had was a laptop that was oh so adaptly named 'the Airplane' by my friend who has an 'EPIC' gaming setup. (And I mean Epic, with a capital 3, for three monitors.) and currently a Surface Pro 2017/18 (Not the Pro 6). Why? Well, as previously stated before, my current laptop is about five or six years out of date. Takes half an hour to start up, and won't even turn on if there is a USB device connected (A very interesting bug that took some time to discover.) With only minor knowledge of PC building, i turned to LTT for help. Coincidentally, that same day, LTT released their buyer guide on which companies sold the best Pre-build custom PC's So, here we go. I would like to buy from Digital Storm or Maingear (Digital Storm being the first choice.) Usability-Mostly games, and browsin' the web, but I do tend to have ten or more MS Word docs open at the same time when I do writing. Gaming-Playing games like Space ENgineers, and such, but I would like to be able to play VR games as well. Also, any tips on hooking up to an Xbox One would be appreciated as well.) Budget-$2,000-$2,500 US dollars (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard not included in price.) Time to buy-I'm not in any rush, need to save up, will probably wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the sales and such. Case Size (So it will fit in my desk cabinet. Anything larger and it will have to go on top of my desk, or underneath it.) Length(Depth)-21 inches Width-10 inches Height-20 inches (Personally, I was looking at the Lumos, from Digital Storm.) Others- I do not have a dedicated wired connection to my room, so the PC would be running off the internet wirelessly. If its possible, a reasonable router and modem might as well be added to the pack. (Priced separately plz.) So, i think thats it. I hope that one of you will be able to help me. first gaming PC, should be awesome. Lightning
  8. Hello all. Just have a question, so as to make sure my phone won't explode and burn down the house. I dropped my Samsung S6 into the water. It was fully submerged for about three seconds or so. However, it was wearing an Otterbox case, albeit NOT the fully sealed waterproof one, but the covers were closed at the very least. Anyways, I promptly shut off the phone and dried it as best i could. There didnt seem to be any water on the inside, so i turned the phone back on (I think that this was my mistake.) When i did, the phone promptly shut off again, and indicated that there was no charge. A quick google search later, and my phone was now in a bowl of rice. It's been five hours, and i just went to check on it when i noticed a faint hissing sound coming from the device. Worried that it might be the battery, i turn to you, the masterful tech ninja's of the LTT forums. Please Help!