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  1. LiamOlsson

    Networking on linux?

    @RandomGuy13 i do have administration access it's a small private school
  2. LiamOlsson

    Networking on linux?

    It's more about how im supposed to do it
  3. LiamOlsson

    Networking on linux?

    @Master Disaster i can promise you that wont be a problem
  4. LiamOlsson

    Networking on linux?

    @RandomGuy13 because it's at school we use our own server i dont have "access" to the server because we don't really have a "IT guy" so that's why im wondering if there are other ways to portforward P.S i know simple portforwarding with routers
  5. I have a ubuntu desktop connected to a router(not a modem with a UI or whatever) this is at school so what i want to do is open the port 80 so that i can "publish" my website. I know i have to open the port / allow the port in firewall which i have but the problem is more portforwarding i dont know how to open the port for the public so that they can access the website. Is there anyway i can make a virtual machine with linux and make it a router so that i can portforward through that "router"?