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  • Birthday 1980-02-10

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    IT Manager/Software Dev.


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    Asus Prime z370-A
  • RAM
    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM PC4 25600
  • GPU
    Asus GTX1060 DUAL-GTX1060-O6G 6GB
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core P3 TG Snow
  • Storage
    SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series M.2 2280 500GB
  • PSU
    EVGA 750 B3, 80 Plus BRONZE
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    Nothing worth mentionning
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    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite ML240L RGB
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    Logitech G600 MMO
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    Winblow 10 Pro

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  1. Dekenizer

    Editing storage

    Ok will do. thanks
  2. Dekenizer

    Editing storage

    After looking at your float plane video https://www.floatplane.com/video/v3FdupIBQD I might suggest you build a Nutanix server with the same hardware you have, and see if the disk management of Nutanix will help. The way it works, it put the 'hot' data on the ssds and cold data on the mechas. It does that automatically. There is a community edition that you can try that free. I've build one for testing on consumer hardware and it worked wonders... So we've bought licenced ones, but i your case, for data storage. The community version would work fine... Anyway just a thought... there is a better way
  3. Dekenizer

    Where to get long case fan screws

    To put a final note on this: I have gone to my local hardware store, and got some #6-32 screws and they worked just fine... 15 cents CAD... a whopping 1.38$ with taxes. I've got 1 1/4 long screws (know metric screws with imperial length... that's Canada for ya ), I think if you get these for a radiator, 1 inch would have been better (so you don't pierce your rad) In my case it didn't matter, I'm screws in the front of my Phantek case, it doesn't matter if I go 1/4 inch to far, but for your rad, it might be different.
  4. Dekenizer

    Where to get long case fan screws

    Thanks a lot guys!! I'll go search the offline store!!! Something that I'm not used to anymore
  5. Dekenizer

    Where to get long case fan screws

    I've check on newegg and amazon... all I get are automatic gun cases. And screws is a terrible word to search for.... even on this forum :P I'm looking to buy the long case screws that are only threaded at the end (Not threaded for plastic, but regular fine thread), and that goes from one end to the other of a 140mm case fan screw hole. I had 2 that came with my case, but I need 6 more. Is there a special name for these screws???
  6. Dekenizer

    NAS slow over Wifi Only

    It's fun to guess the spread spectrum with non existing documents.......... Not
  7. Dekenizer

    NAS slow over Wifi Only

    .... Bottom line... Always wire your stuff!!!!!!
  8. Dekenizer

    NAS slow over Wifi Only

    I don't remember the theory much, but if you don't have MIMO, some wireless router have the habit of going to the slowest speed of the slowest device on the wireless network. So if you have an old laptop laying around that only supports wireless type b, your whole wireless network will go 11Mb/s. But wireless N is the slowest on 5Ghz, you should have 300Mb/s. Problem with 5Ghz it's almost needs line of sight... It might show you 3/4 strength, but it can drop paquets like hell in between... If you work in a mill like I do and have wireless radio transmitter in forklifts, as soon as they click on their mics, the network goes down... It's called a wave harmonic... and some electrical motor have the same effect... Never try to send thru an old fridge when the pump is running(you know the one that sounds like a Caterpillar) . I had a Microwave that killed my WiFi too once...
  9. Dekenizer

    M.2 standoff and screw?

    You are lucky.. my problem is that they send 1 standoff.... I have 2 M.2
  10. Dekenizer

    Floatplane creators...

    Is it normal that I only see 3 creator in Floatplane? Do I have a filter on or something? Or is there like a revolving door thing? I'm new to float plane too...
  11. Dekenizer

    IT Certifications

    The employer has to have a mechanisme to get it's own proof... It's all in the screening... A piece of paper is never a real proof.... But some do give a 'certificate' there is no real structure for that... nor real value... it's just a cheap place to get knowledge.
  12. Dekenizer

    IT Certifications

    In early 2000, my first "Boss" had graduated from an 'establishment' here... He was MCSE!!!.... I showed him how to install a network printer.... This 'College', he went to, teached the tests questions more than the subject... Probably why I'm so jaded about certs... Now I teach the new kids about the days before plug and pray... the days of the jumpered IRQs and DMAs. The AGP, ISA and ASM slots.... and boot from 5 1/4 floppys and MSCDEX in config.sys ..... Bet they don't have that in the A+ anymore
  13. Dekenizer

    IT Certifications

    HAHAHA I had CNA.... Certified Novell Administrator... Useless now days. All I remember, it's booted on DOS and the green root tree icon. Yes, for the HIGH end with lab test I agree.... It's not all are make equal... CCIE is more an interview with a pro, rather than punching A-B-C-D or E on a computer in a cubucal. But let's face the fact, if you are going to go there, your current job will push you in that path, because they need someone at that level... but it's a small percentage... This post is for starters... My point it don't waste money to make certs, just for the fact you get a cert on your resume. Even if my CNA voucher cost me only 20$ back in the day.... still it was wasted... For me knowledge and common sense is a lot better than a cert or a degree... We have MBAs here that you have to bring back to real world once in a while.... And don't get me started with Engineers
  14. Dekenizer

    10 vs 7

    I dread the day that they get rid of control panel all together... The ''New'' config user interfaces are not that great, some links to the old IU. The mind set going from one design to another back and fore is sketch to the human brain I guess... Makes you lose focus on the task you need to accomplish.
  15. Dekenizer

    IT Certifications

    Here's my 2 cents... I don't beleive in the "Paper" of any certs. I believe in the course taking and stucture knowledge. But for the testing part, even if Microsoft makes you sign the NDA, still too many ppl learns the test rather than content... I've been in this insdustrie long enough that to tell you that a cert is just a paper, and doesn't mean that you can do what the paper says... I believe that if you are going to learn something, learn it for yourself and not to put it on a resume. Hence, certs are made for the companies HR that are lazy and can't properly evaluate new employees. In my case you can come with all the papers in the world... give me 30 mins, I'll tell you if they are legit or not. Do you want to work for a company that doesn't properly evaluates candidates and just look at the paper, think, what the rest of the company is... It's now, an employee's market rather than an employer's market these days. I rather see subject known on a resume than certs owned.... So bottom line, learn the content, know your stuff and don't waste much money in certs, unless it's for the courses. UDemy and other online course have 20$ cert content courses, it's ok to get that. But to get the actual paper... well, I don't think it's worth it. Fun fact, one of my best employees I got here, was a pc entousiast, that was operating a forklift... and 2 of THE worst had a degree and 2-3 certs. And start with the basic, learn your A+, then go from there to what moves you!