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  1. Gaminggappy

    We kicked out Luke

    I saw a Flyzone Beaver in the video. Who owns that?
  2. Gaminggappy

    Any suggestions for getting from Seattle to Vancouver?

    I know this thread is a bit old, but you can always jump on the seaplane that leaves Seattle and goes to Vancouver via Harbour air. They land right near the convention centre.
  3. Gaminggappy

    Best way to transport gaming pc

    Best way to pack a PC for a lan? Partially disassemble it. Remove CPU heatsink, videocard, drives. Heatsink goes in bubble wrap, video card and drives go in static bags, and bubblewrap. Line the inside of the PC with a large static bag and place all components inside on top. Use packing tape to seal up everything. Been to two international lans before this one and I've always done it this way. And the hardware is always intact.
  4. Gaminggappy

    LTX Fitness Challenge

    I work construction. So let's see you guys get all buffed up.
  5. Gaminggappy

    Climate for LTX :)

    If you out-of-towners want, I can show you where you can find some super cheap eats for the days you're here.
  6. Gaminggappy

    6k to dump on a new rig

    If I added in any superfluous information, it may send the thread into an argument; a direction that would be unhelpful to everyone. So I decided to give only bare bones information and let your guys' imagination go to town. And so far, I've seen four very interesting builds. One thing I have to mention though, is everyone is mentioning a Titan RTX, a card that is easily taking up a third of the budget. I'm afraid I have to say that I will not be buying a TITAN card at all because I have no plans for its compute abilities. It's a gaming/video rendering station after all, not a deep learning supercomputer. If it doesn't provide a significant boost to OBS video processing performance (EG: 4K/8k recording while playing at 4k/8k resolutions without lowering quality settings or dropping frames), I can't see myself justifying it's purchase - even with it's machine learning prowess.
  7. Gaminggappy

    6k to dump on a new rig

    I have an original bitfenix prodigy, so a watercooling loop is already planned for. This thread is starting to get into silliness. Remember the objective - gaming and video rendering are to have equal consideration.
  8. Gaminggappy

    6k to dump on a new rig

    Not a dream rig thread. I have 6k set aside for a rig build (that I've been working on for the past couple years), and I'm waiting a few months for the dust from CES to settle. The tax return would just add to that, but 6k is the hard number.
  9. Gaminggappy

    Linus dragged me into here

    So, after watching about fifteen dozen (sliiiight exaggeration) of his videos where he talks about his forum, I took the plunge and came here. Hi.
  10. Gaminggappy

    6k to dump on a new rig

    Normally, I would write about three or four paragraphs detailing it, but I'll cut right to the chase; for brevity's sake. You have 6k ready to go on a rig. You have a mini ITX case and you want to stick with it. You're going for the RTX 2k line of cards that are about to go 7nm. You want to do gaming and OBS recording/streaming. What do you choose?