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  1. well I recently just built one, and I did not use it. Honestly, you don't need it, most people don't use it because pc parts have gotten a lot more resistant to static electricity. Just don't build on carpet and stuff that could generate a lot of static electricity. But, if you do want to take the extra precaution, DISCLAIMER: I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT HERE I'm pretty sure that you can plug in the power supply and just touch that every now and again. honestly, you should be fine.
  2. what ghz and voltage are you at? Preferably a 3.6 oc cuz im on the stock cooler
  3. chi_chi_

    Not booting to windows with GPU installed

    @Pot8os oh ok. I'll get back to you if I think of anything else
  4. chi_chi_

    Not booting to windows with GPU installed

    try removing the mobo battery, waiting for like 20 seconds and putting it back in. hope this helps you!
  5. chi_chi_

    Ebay Trust able?

    @lee32uk Ive said this before in some other thread, but idc. I wanna try water cooling cuz they look sick and they perform well. I think that my system looks great, and strapping on a giant cooler would rly block a lot of the stuff to see and ruin the asthetic. At least thats my opinion
  6. chi_chi_

    Ebay Trust able?

    @badreg ok thanks. Which one of those cooler would you recommend?
  7. chi_chi_

    Ebay Trust able?

    @badreg @Dan Castellaneta I'm sorry, I'm super new to eBay. Do I have to like go in a bidding war and stuff? How does it work?
  8. chi_chi_

    Ebay Trust able?

    I've never used ebay before, not even really been on it. I really want a good liquid cooler for my ryzen 5 1600, and I was looking at used ones. I saw these 2 listings catch my eye, its a corsair h115i rgb platinum and a nzxt kraken x72. These are really high quality coolers, but they are being listed here for like 20 bucks. This seems like a scam but the seller has a 98.9% positive feedback rate. I saw these things on ebay saying that like if you are scammed, they will get your money back, but is that for all products, and if not, how do I know if it does or does not give me my money back. Links below. h115i: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CORSAIR-H115i-RGB-PLATINUM-AIO-Liquid-CPU-Cooler-280mm-READ/133066044910?hash=item1efb5ab5ee:g:IjoAAOSwjx9c66qn nzxt kraken x72: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NZXT-Kraken-X72-360mm-All-In-One-RGB-CPU-Liquid-Cooler-CAM-Powered/143273814362?hash=item215bc8e95a:g:rwQAAOSwV2hc5nx3
  9. Idle and load I guess If its overclocked just say the speed
  10. @TempestCatto @SlayerOfHellWyrm its ok, I fixed it. I invited my friend who knows tons about computers and we troubleshooted and solved it. Thsnks for your help though I was really freaking out.
  11. This just happened. Asrock b450 steel legend Ryzen 5 1600 Rx 590 16gb lpx 3000mhz If I take out the gpu it says no signal. It might be because I turned on something in bios called ultra fast boot time but now I cant even boot
  12. So I changed something in bios, called something like "Ultra fast boot time" and now my monitor when I boot up the computer just says "Input not Supported." I have a: ryzen 5 1600 asrock b450 steel legend 16gb vengeance lpx ram corsair rx 590 sapphire vengeance 650w 80+ silver corsair fractal design meshify c white. I can't even get into bios now to put it back to normal. MOnitor: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CVL2D2S/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza Edit: I can't even get into sign in, bios, windows, i just turn on the monitor and it says input not supported.
  13. chi_chi_

    Anyone oc a rx 590 sapphire nitro+?

    @ch3w2oy do i need to download wattman or is it pre installed?
  14. I notice that sometimes they have different prices. Any difference other than that?