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  1. Hi folks! My uncle wants to get new gpu for his desktop (it's somewhat old) and I've been trying to help him find a fitting gpu for his current system. The problem is, he contacted this one shop that stated "your motherboard may be bottlenecking your gpu" or something like that. Now I'm a little worried that I'm getting something not so good for my uncle. My uncles current system: ASUSTeK P6T SE Intel i7-950 4 x 4gb ddr3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 Didn't get the name of the psu and won't have it until maybe tomorrow. I recommended the GTX (Asus) 1050 ti Strix. Is it possible for motherboard to bottleneck GPU and is this GPU the best pick for this system? Uncle uses his computer mainly for video editing (DaVinci Resolve) Cheers!