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  1. ok, get waiting is good. low setting on new doom i don't want. Was curious since the free games are RE3 ,Warcraft 3 reforged ,and tom Clancy something one,plus 3 months of xbox game pass. Seemed 90+ $ in free games was interesting. Thanks
  2. waiting more to upgrade when new NVIDIA cards are launch and for cyberpunk 2077,maybe CPU also. may 5-6yr old PC died(i7 4770,8 GB). did quick new one to hold me over. i 5 9400 f 16 GB 2666 still using old AMD r 209 4g, works fine on start craft 2,wow, and doom 2016, but want to play the new doom. Play mostly on 1080p,might go up to 2k at some point. was looking at 1660 cards, but came across a 5500 xt for 209.00 us with 3 free games. Makes it seem like a good deal to hold me over tell next gen CPU and GPU are coming soon in the months. Thanks
  3. Corsair 280x case,trying find a distro plate that fit in the front of case. Seen the EK-Classic DP Front PC-O11D D-RGB + SPC PWM heard there's more from other company's coming. Like the Thermaltake Pacific DP100-D5 Plus Distro-Plate with Pump Combo. Not sure if more choices thanks
  4. Found a gtx1070 for 175 on facebook marketplace local Running a old r290 was lent to me. Been on the choice of a 1660 ti or Maybe 2060s. Do mostly 1080p, looking to go to 2k. Mostly play sc2 ,wow,doom, so be new one,and cyberpunk. Would the risk on use be worth the price, or just go with a new updated card? Thanks