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  1. tried for CSGO, didn't work, haven't tried the other games.
  2. fps in cs go around 300-400, cpu 40-50% and gpu max 90%
  3. So i've had this problem for a while, almost all the games i play stutter, fps wise, and i can't find the problem. Been trying older drivers for everything, reinstalled windows, doing a lot of windows optimization tricks. PUBG is the only game that doesn't stutter badly, but the other games, like WoW, Rocket League, Black Ops 4 MP + Blackout, and the game that stutters the most of them all, that i also play the most, CS:GO. So sad to stop playing the game i enjoy the most because it stutters so badly it's unplayable. Does anyone know why this happens? I've read so many forums and tried everything i could find, no luck. Also wanna point out that most of my hardware is around 1,5 years old except the power supply, but i hardly believe thats the problem, or? PC specs: Asus PRIME Z270-P i7 7700k 16gb DDR4 Corsair vengeance Inno3D GTX 1080 ichill x3