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  1. hmm sounds good. I just wasn't sure about the differences there. I am considering a monitor upgrade down the road so having the info for the current video standard connectors is important. I want to buy a 24 inch 1440p or better monitor with hdmi displayport and dvi if possible however I am not sure what brand is going to really work well for me. besides by that time navi should be able to match 280ti.
  2. most graphics cards from 2016 have displayport and hdmi and the monitors as well have it but only recently .
  3. I am curious what the difference is between these two. is one superior to the other? does one have better support for various display options things like that.
  4. umm is there something I need to know? I would just be recycling some computer parts such as motherboards memory cpus things like that.
  5. sounds good. we didn't have them many years ago though so that is a good option as I need to recycle some ewaste
  6. I think recycling computer hardware is the best way to address some of the issues with the environment. problem is I don't know if the us or any other country has such a program in place specific to computers. I think having programs like that would make sense even gaming consoles could be recycled..
  7. yeah but I was more concerned with reliability and longevity with memory. I know back in the old days it wasn't as good as it is now but I was hoping to find some memory which will last very long and is reliable.
  8. errm huh? I wasn't exactly talking about their history but I did want to see what other brands I should consider in terms of memory.
  9. ok gskill is what I have used brand wise in the past. any other brands worth mentioning?
  10. I was wondering what kind of memory is a good match for a 3900x or 3950x using either an msi tomahawk or mortar mobo? I am not exactly worried about the speed so much as the compatibility. I know it depends to some extent on the mobo itself but in general I want to use some quality memory but I am not sure what I should consider these days as far as that is concerned.
  11. well these are the specs I am looking for 92 or above efficient 80 plus platinum or better 750 or higher but no higher than 850 as I feel that 1000 may be too much wattage. besides I don't think having a 900 or 950 exists right now. I did some searches a while back last year on this and 1000 was the next wattage up from 850. the problem is I need very good efficiency and very good wattage around 850 but still square to fit the case. its kind of a hard sell these days as most cases have space for rectangles instead of just the squares or cubes but the limiting factor is the current case which can only accommodate a square psu not a rectangle.
  12. I might consider it but ill tell you ive had some pretty good success so far with it as far as drives and cooling as I am using a drp4 and an fx 8370 for the main cpu currently. I will be upgrading to the 3950x and a new drp4 and 64 gigs of memory and a navi gpu as I am using an rx 580
  13. I am currently using an hp media center case. its from the old a1610n. its a matx design case. however buildzoid said the mortar max is as good if not better than the tomahawk in terms of vrm and such. beside I don't need pcie4 yet pcie3 isn't saturated either most vid cards are still pcie3 design not 4.
  14. it is a rosewill quark series which is about 92% or better efficient. I would use an updated design from rosewill but I need real efficiency because of the power usage at the house I live in. our electric bills are very high since the house is all electric so it makes sense to get a psu which does a real good job at being efficient. there is one problem though the higher design psus are not square like the 750 unit so it wont fit into the case. there is a reason why but its easier to get a square unit which has the same or better power ratings for the case.
  15. so I am putting together a 3950x and 64 gigs of ddr4 ageis and a b450 mortar max and going to use a 5700xt card or better from amd. what I was wondering is how much wattage do I need for such a build. its going to be a matx design build. I currently run a 750 platinum unit in the current setup