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  1. ralphandmike

    power phase of x370 board

    yeah i think i might look into that one as a backup. ive bought some other boards in the past which were hybrid with ddr2/ddr3 memory support and am3+processor support from asrock. what i am wondering did they ever get their act together to create a good board for am4? by the way which version of the mortar were you referring? there is the b350/b450. also do you know if msi has the dual bios like gigabyte does. i only go with that just in case.
  2. ralphandmike

    power phase of x370 board

    yeah it doesn't seem to give real good info on it. there was a general reason i was asking even the full atx variant doesn't have the power phase stats and well vrm cooling and all aside. its important to have a good power handling board regardless of the form factor.
  3. so i have a ga-ax370m-gaimng 3 board. the problem ive run into is there is no specs for the power phase. like 4 +1 or anything like that. what i am wondering is what the x370 chipsets for matx would use as a power phase.
  4. ralphandmike

    m.2 ssd/sata storage

    actually i am currently using an st4000dm000/001 drive
  5. ralphandmike

    m.2 ssd/sata storage

    OK. that wasn't what i was worried about so much. installing shouldn't be too bad just compatibility and what brands are good is my main concern at this time. its a current build in progress.
  6. ralphandmike

    m.2 ssd/sata storage

    yeah it does have one but ive never done ssd before so i am new to that whole craze. ive been using regular hard drives for years. i have some support lists for it from the site. i also have watched some vids form ltt about ssd but i am still not quite sure about that whole thing.
  7. ralphandmike

    m.2 ssd/sata storage

    i have a ga ax370m-gaming3 board. the thing is it has a m.2 slot. i was wondering since documentation isn't exactly very good what types of ssd/sata i can use in the slot and what is the best brand to use. i am going to do a hybrid setup for gaming and will be using the ryzen7 1800x and the max memory possible 2666 mhz 64 gigs of ddr4 memory.