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  1. Hey everyone, so i've been having this issue for a while and have tried a lot of things to diagnose it I have a 128gb SSD , and a 2TB seagate Barracuda HDD , both are about 6 years old.Windows is on my SSD and the HDD has mostly games etc. I have CrystalDiskInfo open currently and i have the readings for each drive attached. Essentially, any time i turn off my pc at the wall in order to work on it (install gpu or clean etc) it will give me a disk read error constantly , meaning i have to keep restarting my pc until it doesn't. I follow the normal protocols when shutting down my computer , hit shut down in windows , wait for it to turn off completely, flick the on off switch on the case a few times to discharge capacitors , and then unplug it from the wall. It does normally boot up first time however it is explicitly after disconnecting it fully from power that i get these disk read error messages for about 10 restart cycles. Is my HDD likely to be the cause of this disk read error stuff given these readings? Rest of my rig Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ special edition I7 3770k (Air cooled) 16 GB DDD3 RAM