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  1. Should I use RUFUS? And boot to it and run the installer but will it recognise the drive?
  2. Thank you, so Windows 10 would be the operating system to use?
  3. Ok, Well in one of the Linus Tech Tip‘s videos Linus, boots off a SD card but he is somehow connected to the Internet would that be because he installed the drivers or the compatibility? But I’m not too worried about that,
  4. That shouldn’t Be a problem. I am just wondering how to do it as I have been struggling with it for the past six months.
  5. Hello. I have a question, Could you possibly boot Windows Vista off A 32/64GB USB or a Hard drive? I'm pretty certain that this is possible, You may be asking "WHY WINDOWS VISTA?!?" Well I thought wouldn't it be great to share the joys of a 12 Year old operating system that changed how Windows looked in our pocket? But of course this could be done with any version of Windows such 10,8.1/8/7/XP or even 2000+95! The hard disk drive would be the USB and the computer would be what gives it Internet and such other things. Could this be made into a Video if Possible? Thank you very much, IsaacCatnology .