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  1. hahahaha,,,,,i know just exploring options ,if its there cool,if not will buy a new one. I thought getting an ssd,ram,monitor,keyboard,mouse would be enough to run VM of my resource
  2. Cool but i am not looking into servers, as my partner is also an editor i just wanna share my resource and work side by side with few wire connections
  3. I won't be using it for remote server type. Just two pcs sidebyside
  4. Can you guide me on this in detail. As you might have read the purpose of mine already,wanna know the performance and how effective it is against Vms
  5. HI, Yes i am trying to run one more windows on VM so that other person can use it independently.
  6. Hello everyone, I want to create an VM for editing photo editing purpose on windows desktop. i will be sharing with another person with separate monitor,keyboard,mouse. My PC specification are- CPU-i7-8700k RAM-16gb 3000mhz GRAPHIC CARD-1050ti 4gb gddr5 MOTHERBOARD-Asus z370f AIO -cooler master 360 cooler Storage -Nvme m.2 ssd250gb PSU-650w I am willing to upgrade hardware's if its necessary . Please i need a complete guide on how to setup and also any hardware upgrade will be fine to achieve native desktop speed on VM. (Will be using two windows 10)