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  1. Last question, would my pc handle a 750ti? The motherboard is a biostar a770e3 if that affects compatibility
  2. Would my hdd still be fine? Despite of having it formatted multiple times?
  3. Athlon ii x4 635 6gb ddr3 gtx 660 160gb hdd 1tb hdd 600w tru rated psu Ive tried everything, at this point all my files are already gone since i couldnt back up my files. But hopefully someone knows the solution to this. Its been like this for countless hours now. Installed fresh windows for the 4TH TIME yes 4th time. But this still happens. First pic with the black screen is when windows is trying to fix the resolution, and it just blacks out. Next is when it restarted. Then there. That just keeps on repeating and repeating.
  4. taBzy

    PS4 Problem :/

    Yes, no power whatsoever.
  5. taBzy

    PS4 Problem :/

    Tried removing the HDD cleaning it tried holding the power button without it being plugged in, and the weird one where you gently smack your ps4.
  6. Update, i got everything working again. But my display keeps on turning off. Like no display is show after half an hour. 57401029685__5D129D63-8009-42A0-9C03-3B101578DA70.MOV
  7. I was installing it on a scond drive and it literally just restarted.
  8. If i install new windows will i be able to get my old documents such as powepoint and word?
  9. Nope. It is not, i tried moving sata ports too.
  10. Athlon ii x4 635 6gb ddr3 gtx660 160gb seagate Hdd 1tb seagate hdd 600w ‘true rated’ psu technically everything was working properly yesterday. But then this happened everytime i try to switch it on it does its post. But when windows starts loading it freezes for a few seconds and display just goes out. I tried cleaning it even replaced my gpu thermals and everything. Anyone wonder what is the cause of this?
  11. So I hasn't able to use my PS4 for weeks since im busy at work, Earlier I tried turning it on, but it didnt turn on completely, it beeped once and tried turning it on but nothing happens, I tried looking things up on the web but it nothing worked.
  12. yeah, that one, but i think the upgrade will be in a while since ill be sticking with this one for while
  13. i dont have big of a budget but is the EVGA 500B okay?