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  1. yeah, that one, but i think the upgrade will be in a while since ill be sticking with this one for while
  2. i dont have big of a budget but is the EVGA 500B okay?
  3. taBzy

    i dont what title i can put on this

    and another question is, is it okay for me to use Server ram for my rig?
  4. so ive been planning to build up my PC for the pass week or so, just getting all my fund to start. I need help on what psu wattage should i get for this specs : i5 3570 Asus h61 8gb ram ( will upgrade to 16gb in the future) 1050ti 1tb hdd, 120gb ssd Im sticking with old hardware for the mean time
  5. taBzy

    MSI GL62m 7rd

  6. taBzy

    MSI GL62m 7rd

    I did that but it stays on 30fps.
  7. Bought a laptop, so it has 2 display adapters, an intel hd 1 and gtx 1050, the laptop clearly says 1080p reso and it doesnt give that resolution. next is all games i tried are capped to 30, is it because im using the intel graphics and if so, how do i switch it to my 1050?
  8. I did that like from sata 1-6 aand switch multiple sata cables
  9. I tried restarting the pc btw and now its not being detected on the bios either
  10. I was, but now i just want it as extra storage. But its not being detected
  11. Could not detect the new hdd.
  12. I was able to make it on window now, but what i did at first is really to use the new HDD as my main drive, but when i was installing a new OS it made a “system reserved” partition, but before i did put installed the os i formatted in the windows installer. But everything wasnt working, so i used a different drive that has 80% health. And okay everything went smoothly with the old drive and then when i connected the new one this keeeps on happening.
  13. Okaay, but not after it not responding and i restarted my computer im stuck at windows loading screen for about 10minutes now.
  14. It also got slower, its a new 1tb hdd btw, but i have my OS on my old hdd. Its on the bios but not on windows, its there but everytime i clicked on it it goes to not responding. And makes my computer crash i so i have to restart.