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  1. follow Muselk for a while now, and if you have watched the fortnight streamer tournament, you probly know he is living for meme. like how he is alwasy funny in his vids. this man is a legend meme himself. apknite watch his vids every day!
  2. i just plug in my pc and copy one by one. it takes forever.
  3. Just want to ask that you want to play on desktop or phone?? I think most survival games are about building your own base and fight with the enemies. Not quite much game realated to farming features. But you can also take a look at these two that I'm with now, both are for phone. I got them from the CHplay and apk download sites like apknite. You can check out in Cnet or Mobomarket too. Last Day on Earth: Survival and Stormfall: Saga of Survival The first one relates more about farming, just my own suggestions. Please share if you found yours. I'd love to try that too ?
  4. I usually use the VSCO to edit, I think it quite famous app to edit photos, that my suggestion. I also got that from apknite site, you can try that from the iStore. But since you are using iphone X, the cam is great already. Just take it with your raw cam. Camera apps all provide you to edit photos on your device so that try any app you think right for your phone. Have a nice trip tho ? Hawaii is in the great weather this time ?
  5. Does this work well with both Laptop and PC? or just smartphones.. ..
  6. I thought it will automatically update the playlist on most devices?? Will this happen with smartphone guys? I just get Spotify for my new phone from apknite store. Gonna check for sure. ?
  7. I think you should offline when installing it or try another account too.
  8. Hope that work for you too, I tried to order from ebay once but failed. I got mine now at Amazon.
  9. P20 lite is such a great too. Good for you ? I was just too lazy to run for some crazy sales on black friday, missed many great deals from that tho. ?
  10. run across an ads in APKnite, and it's a phone that just has all the things you asked for. call Xiaomi pro 6, 200usd, 32gb rom, ram 3gb solid android phone.