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  1. Late here.... Apknite is safe. It's my most preferred alternative. Have downloaded some from there - Apex Legends, etc. Not totally satisfied but it's good overall. Easy and safe. You can use its apk downloader extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apk-downloader-apknite/jhfkhajonjafefdhilbcnpaccepkfgni
  2. I would suggest Civilization VI, Mantigames' Build A Planet, Battlecoast, Fort Building Simulator
  3. Me. Some may not really like it, but I love it so much. It's a few that can be placed before other favs of mine like WoW, Mantigames, Dota 2, Zombs Royale
  4. We can live longer, but can't live forver. Huhuu. I wish I could, too. As we just live once, all we can do is live to the fullest. I don't want to sweat out over trivial things anymore. Just wanna enjoy all my fav foods, travel around the world, play all I love on mantigames, buy clothes and cosmetics I like. And spend great time together with my beloved ones
  5. Hydrate Have a protein shake Mediate for some minites Have salt bath Get a massage Chill out with some online games (for me, it's my bias mantigames) Take Omega-3s Sleep
  6. Still play it. Though I have more favorites now like Kingdom Hearts, Mantigames’ Shooting Engine, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, etc, Minecraft still holds a special place in my heart. irreplaceable
  7. Mine are Super Mario Run, Candy Crush, A Girl Adrift, Dead Trigger 2, Mantigames’ Ultimate Boxing, Kingdom Rush, Angry Birds 2
  8. I would suggest: The Talos Principle Mantigames’ Supra Mayro Kratt Assassin's Creed Odyssey Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion
  9. i want to share my favorite childhood game ( mantigames I think).
  10. i don't care because i don't play mobile games but it would be good to have less mobile games like mantigames.....
  11. I have just about the same problem. I'm now addicted to playing mantigames' browser ones, and like opening up out loud to enjoy the sound effect. I also have some talking to myself while gaming. And the consequence is my neighbors' complaints. And from my room, I can the next-door couples are arguing, and sometimes they use not-really-nice words. I'm affected by their bickering to the point that I'm afraid of getting married partly due to them... Have no other choice but soundproof my room with carpets, door curtains, bookcase. They help but aren't the ultimate solution. Any other suggestions?
  12. My top goals this year: - Work hard and earn much money to go traveling and do voluntary work along the way - Update my travel blogs with quality posts - Visit my parents in the hometown more often - Finish all my waiting list of favorite games on my recent addicted site mantigames - Improve my health - Stop stressing out over trivial things. - Get the courage to talk to my crush - Get rid of the habit of watching movies while eating
  13. I can speak Korean, Chinese, Russian and English
  14. - You should stick to your diet plan for long-term benefits. - Have meat in meal, but not too much. Breakfast with it is recommended. You need charge up yourself for an energetic day - Vegetables, fruits are always welcomed - Nuts are quick and healthy food choice instead of snacks - When you're busy, try some quick ones that are good for your health. For example, cacao and blueberry smoothie, poached eggs and salad, oatmeal, noodle soup with vegetables inside - To motivate yourself with healthy diet, you can do something you like and eat what you crave on weekends. It can be a reward for your efforts on the week days. For me, I choose to enjoy my chocolate tasted ice cream, eat ramen, dig into my favorite browser games at mantigames, or skip breakfast to have brunch.