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  1. Really sorry. Wanna delete it but can't. Will have a more attentive look before commenting. Have a nice day!
  2. Quite late here From my brother, it's a box of chocolates. From my love, it's time chatting together, playing one on mantigames, and watching a movie. From my best friend, a lovely card
  3. I'm just myself. Simple. If I like sb, I will treat that one with all my heart. If I don't like someone, I just ignore them. As I love watching movies, playing on mantigames - my love, eating, I spend much time doing them. For things I don't like (riding a motorbike, etc), I don't force myself to enjoy them
  4. I think it's normal. You can choose to live closer to your office. And know how to balance your time of work and other daily activities. Now I'm living for myself, my family, and for money. Working really hard. But when I come back home, I forget about all the tasks at the workplace, and cook and eat what I like, take a relaxing shower, watch my fav movie, play my favorite on mantigames, reading something, or enjoy some music...
  5. Still loyal to Spotify. I can't live well without music.
  6. Hi there, I have been more interested in tech since my school days. I have a habit of keeping myself most current about things I am concerned. And I’m also a gaming addict (especially mantigames’ browser gaming as I have shared before). That’s why here, for my first topic, I wanna share with you some good mice for gaming. They're my choices. You may have different preferences. I love to hear about what’s your current one and whether you like it. Much love! SteelSeries Rival 600 It has good side buttons, customizable weight, as well as nice RGB spectrum lighting. It performs well with a depth sensor. The cursor will be eliminated when you lift the mouse off of its pad. The minus point of this tool is its aesthetics. It’s bad, I think. Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 Though it doesn’t have an eye-catching design, its quality is ensured. The sensor is fairly sensitive. Its capacity is around 12,000 DPI. Logitech G903 This one has slight upgrades from the G900 model. Its mouse pad can be a nice wireless charger. Razer Naga Trinity The Naga mouse series have been targeted at MMO gamers, The mouse has three side plates that are swappable. You can change it to fit the game you’re playing. HyperX Pulsefire Surge It has reliable Omron switches. The RGB lighting is good. The sensor is at 16.000-DPI.
  7. @VinsinityKT Thanks! But it doesn't work too. Use old passwords already but the same message comes up. He finds all the way but can't have an Internet connection with his computer.
  8. For me, it's mainly from my daily work salary. I'm also a freelancer, and partly get money from it. I plan to make games to earn money, too. Have played many many, from paid to free games (the current ones I'm now being into is at mantigames). This year, also want to blog about parenting (to prepare myself for being a parent, and to be financially a bit richer )
  9. - I often wake up earlier in summer than winter - Have breakfast while enjoying some OSTs or relaxing songs - Play one fav game of mine at mantigames. It helps refresh and have my brain worked out at the same time - Take a bus to work. Admiring the surrounding site while listening to my song playlist - Arriving at the office. Clean up my work desk - Turning on the computer and have an exciting look at my desktop background. It's my love's picture, It makes my day.
  10. I think it has nothing to do with the age. Some friends of mine are around that age, and they still enjoy gamiing and are good at it. We now form a team to gather whenever we have time to delve into our secret world of gaming (haha, talking about it, we're now digging into some on mantigames). I even know those who are over 50 are still interested in gaming. It helps them give less thought about worries - for example, when their old-enough daughter get married. Hmmm sorry for being talkative, but I'm sorry for that daughter. It's not because she doesn't wanna be married, but as she has not found out her significant other.
  11. PhillipD

    TV Series

    Do you like Korean TV series? Some mystery ones I find to be good are Signal, Two Worlds, I Can Hear Your Voice, Master's Sun, Kill Me Heal Me, I especially recommend Signal. It's very nice even without my favorite actors. I enjoyed it when I wanted to move on from one addict of mine on mantigames. That drama get positive responses from many others too. If they're not your tastes, I can suggest others...
  12. Computer & gaming (now mostly on mantigames) Besides, I enjoy bicycling, jogging, watching movies, sleeping, reading, drama script writing, having more days off from work :), and traveling. Also, chatting with my significant other about numerous different things and even about nothing... just the feeling being with that one is great
  13. You should gain weight healthily - Eat good-for-health foods. For example, vegetables, fruits, meat. - Have many meals per day. Eat whenever you feel hungry. - Do excercise. It's good for your health and increase your hunger for food - Be positive. Smile often as it helps with your good health and mind - Avoid eating while playing games, watching TV, or doing other tasks. I have a bad habbit of gaming (now on mantigames) and eating along the way. I know it won't do any good to my stomach in the long run. - After eating, take a light rest. Don't sleep or do other things right away. - Take multivitamins - Have enough sleep - This is VERY important - Don't be stress out too much over trivial things. And don't overthink them. Hope it helps! You can do it!!