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  1. just a yes or no will do, but has anyone actually tested nvflash to flash the p106-100 to a 1060 since they have added support for the p106 to nvflash a while back? just wondering since we are otherwise stuck with old drivers on the unflashed, but ever since the registry hack at least it works as the default power card in the system.
  2. i think that was me. i turned off testsigning mode after i was done so steam games would work as their anti cheating blocks testsigning being on.
  3. looks like some contradicting information. what does the performance tab of the task manager say while you are running your benchmark? also why not just try a game that wouldn't work on an intel card, like witcher 3, for example.
  4. what we need now is someone with the same setup(onboard and pci-e) but a real nvidia gaming card to figure out how to change the default GPU using regedit, so we don't have to use the NVIDIA control panel. then we can set the default to nvidia, and only change certain apps to the intel, if that ever comes up.
  5. I got my Gigabyte P106!! but i didn't get to play as much with the drivers as i would have liked so i had to settle with using the method and version of the driver suggested in the above video/topic i turned off testsigning mode after i was done so steam games would work as their anti cheating blocks testsigning being on. so far so good, everything is rocking! (https://github.com/xtrap225/NVIDIA_P106)
  6. that does seem to be true but i will know for sure when i get one. even so it will be a great upgrade for me.
  7. depending on the MAKE we get we may have to use a different modification to get good results. putting this in here for future reference or those that are interested. https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/30969-modding-nvidia-oem-inf-files/ https://devicehunt.com/view/type/pci/vendor/10DE
  8. yes that is unfortunate, i didn't get that info until it is probably too late, i am trying to ping the seller and see if he can make sure to send me an MSI or Gigabyte but otherwise i guess it will be random luck. now it looks like that item is sold out so unless he was saving the best for last i am betting we don't get lucky on the brand. oh well, as much as i might think it might make a difference, the real test will be when the gaming begins.
  9. i took the 417.71 files from the download, modded them and upped them to my own fork of that github
  10. the two modified files are in the github, just download the latest driver from nvidia extract it using winrar or 7zip or using its self extraction, then replace the two .inf files from the github. i also modified the readme so in the future it will be easier to figure out how to modify them yourself. i also theoretically set it to 'rename' the p106 to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6G, in the device manager. i hope.
  11. YAY! here is hoping we both get good ones! i just modified the latest driver (417.71-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql), can't wait for it to come. obviously i don't know these modifications will work for sure until i test it, but i have a pretty high confidence; famous last words. https://github.com/xtrap225/NVIDIA_P106
  12. your pay password is just a 6 digit (numbers only by my understanding) password that you set at that time. make sure you keep that i accidentally lost mine ( I randomly generated it and thought i had saved it in my password manager but oops). sounds like you are very close to finishing the purchase.
  13. i am in Ontario, and i seemingly was able to purchase one from this seller. now i just have to wait for a month or two while it comes. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.