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  1. There we go. Is it possible to delete the other account? I don't even use the other email.. I just thought it was under that one. Lol
  2. I'm actually not familiar with a HTPC, what's the difference? Would a low CPU like i3 be able to run Minecraft mods and FiveM mods at the same time tho?
  3. What speed do you recommend for the RAM? 3000 ish?
  4. That is true, I may have to figure out a way to build something to make a closet better to use towers in. Haha
  5. Going into IT eventually, I want to build up some equipment so I plan on getting a server rack. My girlfriend and I are planning on buying a house and she doesn't want a lot of towers in the office, so she wants me to use the closet (gonna install some good ventilation in there for temp control). So, doing towers isn't really a good option for me. I plan on running Minecraft servers, (heavily modded), FiveM servers (Also lots of mods) and a couple others that I can't recall the names of at the moment. I was also considering using it for CCTV storage, is that recommendable?
  6. Hey guys! So, I'm starting college this summer for networking and I am super excited, however, I am trying to get a slight head start in becoming more knowledgable. I wanna get a server sometime in the near future, preferably a rack server. I'm looking to host game servers for a lot of my friends, etc. My question to y'all is what should I get and any other tips y'all may have. I am completely comfortable building my own if it is cheaper as well. Thanks in advance for any tips y'all got!