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  1. Juniiii

    Survey for School v2

    Mobile devices can be tricky but it’s simpler than a laptop, I used to run a business at school, you pay me money and a week later I’d get whatever part needed to be replaced on your phone in the mail and I’d do it in front of them in the library during lunch, made lots of bread.
  2. Juniiii

    Survey for School v2

    Add How much ram are you comfortable with having in your build (4gb, 8gb, 16gb etc) what speed of ram are you comfortable using? (2133mhz, 2600mhz, etc)
  3. Juniiii

    Experiences with non-techies

    Today in class we were getting into a lesson on how to write essays, get to a point and she asks what’s the crucial element that’s in the iphones that uses child labor? I know what she was talking about and I said silicon, what electronics are mostly made out of, and she said yes “ silifan” some started yelling and said sliver. Wtf
  4. Juniiii

    Streaming with a encoding pc

    I have a pretty expensive router and built in lan ports in my house, so I don’t think latency would be much of an issue. Thanks I’ll see if that works, if not I’ll try to get a capture card
  5. Juniiii

    Streaming with a encoding pc

    What about something like this
  6. Juniiii

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Perfect, and remember don’t use XMP !!
  7. Juniiii

    Where do I buy a screwdriver with a rubber tip?

    I use a butter knife to remove my CMOD battery, and a chip stick to get my GPU out, I also build my computers on carpets and beds, with no proteection. I like to say I live dangerously
  8. Juniiii

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Or just tighten up the timings, that works too, I think 2800 is the sweet spot? At least it is for me, but 3000 might be your sweet spot.
  9. Juniiii

    Streaming with a encoding pc

    I did forget to mention the 1050ti on the main system, is there a way to do it without a captur card? I had one but have lost it since.
  10. Juniiii

    what game do you like da best?

    Garry’s mod is my all time favorite, and cities skyline is my current game that I play lots.
  11. Juniiii

    Norwegian phones sent personal information to China

    Nokia is huawei in disguise
  12. I currently use a 2200g for my main build but I do have a FX 6300 build in a box, now I have a cheap Radeon out in there which I don’t know exactly the exact model, I would like to use the FX 6300 as a encoding pc since it has a good amount of threads/cores (3 cores and 6 threads that apparently are as strong as cores, but I don’t trust that.) would it do any good. As a encoding pc? Would it help much? Should I be considering upgrading the gpu in the encoding machine? How would I go about doing this? I have lots of lan hubs and all and nothing would be an issue. Just explain to me how I can go through with this
  13. Juniiii

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Yea anything after 3000 actually increases the timings making performance worse
  14. Juniiii

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    I have 8x2 2400mhz kit, I upgraded to a 8x2 2600 kit and boy was it a huge difference