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  1. Okay, plugging the HDMI to the motherboard is absolutely useless! Your CPU doesn't have intergrated graphics. Which Ryzen 5 do you have? And does your graphics card have any power plugs that need to be plugged in?
  2. Specs? AMD or intel? what type of CPU??? What type of graphics?? Whats your PSU like? more info please
  3. I love AMD with all my heart, but their Graphics cards are no where near what Nvidia has to offer. The AMD Radeon settings interface is the worst, the design is amazing but functionality and simplicity is horrible. The RX 580 is the first and last AMD card I will purchase until they have more to offer. Thank you for the suggestion but the RTX 2070 Super is what I'm gonna go for now.
  4. Would I have to upgrade my R5 1600 down the line soon?
  5. So do you think the 2 extra gigabytes of vram is worth the jump in price?
  6. Okay so, games pretty much any, Grand theft auto V, rainbow six, sometimes arma, on all 3 monitors at 1080p at around high settings with 0 aa. I my target frame is 60 fps, really any model of the GPUs, I need help choosing.
  7. Should I pitch in some more money and buy the RTX 2070 or RTX 2060. I have 3 monitors and I would like to save a little money, and which brand should I get? I would prefer a 3 fan system.
  8. nah i hate amd cards, I love their CPUs but the GPUs are far from being decent
  9. I currently have this build Ryzen 5 1600 24gb ram 2x8+2x4 2400mhz RX 580 8GB I have 3 monitors and the RX 580 holds up pretty well with gaming on all three like 70% of the time, and the other 30% is when it gets heavy, and it starts to become jumpy. I have a budget of $300 on the GPU and I'm planning to get the R5 3600 soon as well. I'm thinking of going Nvidia for the card since I haven't been very happy with the 580. I'm like on the line between the rtx 2060 and the gtx 1070ti, I'm more than happy to buy used cards as well, I wanna get the rtx 2070 but would it be worth it??? please help im scared to make a decision
  10. let me send you a better graphics card please, I'll donate it
  11. I have made a video but just curious, are you guys looking at every single one sent? Would my video be looked at?I have made a video but just curious, are you guys looking at every single one sent? Would my video be looked at?
  12. This is a weird situation, I think more miscommunication than anything, no reason for tesla to try to fake anything.
  13. R5 1600, RX 580 8gb, 24 DDR4, I just got these monitors today
  14. this is 100% not expected, holy shit im actually sad