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  1. Since some were suggesting that the problem could be CPU bottleneck, I did some testing... If it was really CPU bottleneck, and the CPU is holding the performance at 65 FPS with 4.6ghz, do you agree with me that it should get less than 55fps at 3.4ghz right? Well, at 4.6ghz I got 65 FPS with GPU usage at 20~25% as you can see below: Then, at 3.4ghz I got 63 FPS (The 2 FPS difference could be caused by the rain and car on screen) with GPU usage at 20~25%: (I swear I tried to find a session without rain, but after 15 minutes using the "find new session" several times, I decided was enough lol)
  2. It most definitely isn't CPU bottleneck for various reasons: 1. The performance with GTX 970 was way better than now with the GTX 1070ti 2. The 20% bottleneck on your screenshot is considering a original 2600k at 3.4ghz, my 2600k is at 4.6ghz, the calculator you used allows maximum 4.4ghz (130% CPU clock) and even then the bottleneck percentage lowers to 9%: I would say that at 4.6ghz the bottleneck could be around 7~8%, that sure wouldn't cause the GPU use less than 20% of it's power
  3. Some more updates on my saga... I downloaded the DDU thing, ran it while on safe mode, erased all display drivers, and then installed the newest driver from nvidia (417.71) Tried running GTA again, and the performance is still the same I mean, at least the menu issue, and stuttering issues seems to be completely fixed by reinstalling completely the game I noticed that my GPU usage was 20~39% and my clocks were around 700mhz, while it should be way above 1600mhz So i tried once again the "prefer maximum performance" on the nvidia driver, and this time the clock was fixed at 1772mhz BUT the GPU usage was even less! something around 14~25% And the FPS is still 40~55 I simply don't understand...
  4. So, I removed the game, deleted the folder at /Documents and /Appdata, restarted the computer, and installed the game again The first problem listed above (Abysmal menu performance) seems fixed, it's now fixed at 64fps using just 20% of my GPU But the ingame performance is still really bad, at 1080p with minimum graphics, it's running below 70fps. The GPU usage was around 40% during loading screens, but around 20% during gameplay The CPU usage was around 60~80% (look at the GPU usage.jpg attached below) I then tried ticking almost all graphics option 1 click to the right (normal options went to high, OFF went to normal, MSAA/FXAA left OFF, advanced graphics untouched (OFF)) This way, with 1080p and graphics on medium/high it ran well below 60fps (40~55fps) The GPU usage was still around 20% during gameplay The CPU usage was still 60~80% Both tests I ticked the "Log to file" on GPU-Z but no file was created
  5. I do believe it's on dual channel, I have 4 sticks of 4gb each, is there a way to check if dual channel is enabled? With only task manager opened, it's using 3,5gb How do I provide full GPU stats? Will see the CPU usage after reinstalling the game Doing right now Doing right now
  6. unlikely, I'm using the new GPU for about 2 months and it's running everything else just fine (Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Crossout, Beware, CS:GO, PUBG and other games tested)
  7. I have been playing GTA V on my desktop without performance issues since 2015, my specs were: i7 2600k @ 4.6ghz 16gb RAM 7200rpm HD GTX 970 SC With the specs above, I was able to play just fine @ 1080p around 60fps Recently I bought a new GPU, going from the GTX 970 SC to a GTX 1070ti SC Yesterday I booted GTA V for the first time since the GPU upgrade, and for my surprise, the performance was abysmal. I'll list the issues: 1. Start menu/main menu abysmal performance Launching the game, I was granted with a very stuttery menu, steam was saying that it was around 35fps, but moving my mouse felt more like 10fps Opening nVidia inspector I noticed that my GPU was at 100% usage on the menu 2. Bad ingame performance Even at 1080p and medium settings, I wasn't able to reach 60fps at GTA online, I tried lowering to 800x600 at 0,5 frame scalling, and was still below 80fps 3. Constant micro stutters + eventual macro stutters The game is stuttering really bad all the time, even walking around inside a garage, the game still stutters, and trying to drive around town was a pain with eventual hangs that could last almost 1 second Some aditional information: After installing the 1070ti, I updated the driver to version 399.24 doing a clean installation. I already used steam to verify integrity and no issue was found I know that usually stutters in GTA are caused by slow HD, but I'm using the same HD that worked just fine before the GPU upgrade, and I even moved the game folder to a newer HD just to test, but had the same issues Does anyone knows what could be the issue, and how to fix it?