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    Nitsuj reacted to wanderingfool2 in How to switch monitor ? (hard)   
    I am assuming you mean software switching?  Like a macro key or something (I've run into a situation where I need to switch between different monitors and always opening up the software to do it feels slow and clunky).
    The solution I used was create .bat files with the commands
    Inside the file put
    DisplaySwitch.exe /internal
    The text being
    DisplaySwitch.exe /External
    You can do the same for extend and clone.
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    Nitsuj got a reaction from fantasia. in air58 ninja   
    they haven't been restocked since they came out, the chances are slim that they'll be restocked for awhile or ever unfortunatly
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    Nitsuj got a reaction from OneAdrian in In need of headset tips   
    i have a turtle beach earforce that i used on my xbox, i like it a lot, plush ear cups, and sound quality is pretty good.