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  1. So today my friend tried to login to his laptop; however, his screen did not display any of his programs, but the cursor is visible and he can move it around freely, the animation on the screen for when it idles still shows uo aswell, but its just a gray screen. Background not visible, same with application icons.
  2. Nitsuj

    Discord No longer Opens.

    ohhhkay i'll try that!
  3. Nitsuj

    Discord No longer Opens.

    i literally have no idea what that it
  4. Nitsuj

    How to switch monitor ? (hard)

    saying monitor actually misleads the answers, since tvs and monitor are actually vastly diferent
  5. Nitsuj

    How to switch monitor ? (hard)

    th first thing to do is to try and find a remote for that monitor so you can use it like a tv the second thing would be to rig up a system that would press the power button when you pull a peice of fishing line or something, other than that idk how you could do that other than sell the other monitor and buy a tv
  6. Nitsuj

    How to switch monitor ? (hard)

    so wait... you have two monitors, but you only use one at a time? so you turn monitor 1 off to watch on monitor 2? that doesn't even make sense to have 2 monitors then... what yo should do is have them together, so then you can use both of them, otherwise its pointless to have 2
  7. Nitsuj

    Discord No longer Opens.

    @Enderman it comes up w/ an error msg
  8. Nitsuj

    air58 ninja

    they haven't been restocked since they came out, the chances are slim that they'll be restocked for awhile or ever unfortunatly
  9. Nitsuj

    Discord No longer Opens.

    lately i haven't been able to open discord, i would click on it (pinned to task bar) and the loading animation on the cursor would come up but then stop, then nothing. i tried rebooting my pc, didn't work, tried uninstalling it but now i can't reinstall. on the discord website it says it will work on windows 7 and my friends proved that it will. (windows 7)
  10. Nitsuj

    Budget Not-So-Gamer-ee keyboard?

    hmm.. ok, i guess ill look around for a bit then
  11. Nitsuj

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    yeah, i was rather ignorant about that assumption, i'd head good thing about it, but was doubting of it.. was having flash backs to my last iphone (5c) which SUCKED
  12. Nitsuj

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    i like being able to get a sub $1650 (cough cough, iphone Xr) phone thats going to be able to run just as much stuff with the advantages of being on a more widespread Os, and also WAY better battery life. and also my new android has a headphone jack
  13. if you want you could dm me the idea, im not going to steal it, just wanted a larger scope on what you where trying to do, because some companies specialize in games, like supercell, and some in social media, like facebook ect.
  14. so i need a new key board, this wireless membrane keyboard doesn't work very well at all, much less for gaming. i'd like to spend less than $40 usd and and have cherry mx Red/speed switches, i don't care about rgb, especially if its just breathing.. whats the best option? my friend recommended the Redragon k552, but I've had a bad experience with redragon, and especially with redragons mice Thank you!