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  1. I've been digging around, it seems like the 2600 is a bit of a stretch for a 2080ti. I will be keeping an eye out for used 8700/k while seeing what's going on with the price on the i7 9700k/9900k. I missed a pretty good deal on the 9900k 2 weeks ago, maybe I'll get another one. Still wish I had some concrete info about how coolin actually behaves on those cpus and if I really need better for them, but thank you guys for the help. @dizmo My headphones are not too high-end, just a pair of dt770 pro, but I think that would be about as much as a pair of integrated audio cards could drive.
  2. @fasauceome Would a ryzen 5 2600/x be capable of running a 2080TI without bottlenecking it?
  3. I game at 1440p, PUBG, Ring of Elysium, Rainbow 6, I would like higher details, but I prefer reaching the 120-140-165 hz above that. Rocksmith 2014 is the reason I want a good audio card, that improves sound quality I get in and reduces latency. I play various other games, such as Path of Exile, Killer Instinct, Dragon Ball FighterZ, but those are not as demanding. I don't think I could find a decently priced 8700 anywhere, best I've seen go for around 310-320 vs 420 for a new 9700k with warranty. Is the 2700x really so bad without OC? Benchmarks differ a lot, I am a bit curious. If I go for a 9700k or 9900k, do I need an aftermarket cooler as well? Or would the stock(if they even come with one) suffice?
  4. @dizmo Thank you for the welcome No content creation, maybe if ever I will try doing a stream for my friends to have fun, but I am not interested in that stuff. I did not see an i7 9700 without the K. What I would love on my motherboard though is to have a really good audio card. I've heard bad things about the i9 9900k in terms of temperatures and throttling, also there seems to be quite a bit more expensive due to the need of a proper cooling solution as well. I wouldn't want to bother with water cooling.
  5. So, past years, I kept buying i5's, thinking they are enough, but as time proved me wrong, I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't be cheaping out on the CPU anymore, so I am a little torn in-between the ryzen 7 2700x with a regular taichi or an i9 9900k/i7 9700k with a regular taichi. The rest of the build would be: Asus PG278QR ( 165 hz@1440p ) - already bought samsung 970evo - already bought Seasonic focus 650w - not bought yet msi rtx 2080 TRIO - not bought yet cooler master haf XB, for space reasons - not bought yet 2x8gb corsair vengeance lpx@3200mhz cl16 xmp I don't ever OC my pc. It's used for gaming only. 1600-1800 gbp, UK based.
  6. I have been playing around with options and I think I might have found something very interesting. I have installed a newer version of an app called "Control Center"( controls things like gpu fan speed and laptop power profiles), because while browsing the new Clevo lineup with i9 9900k(was particularly interested in how this ****box could ever handle that when my poor i5 is hitting 70-80C sometimes) and found some people talking about a certain version throttling the gpu, . After updating it my solo fps in PUBG have improved a lot, the gpu usage went up and there isn't that much fluctuation in fps compared to before. I will have to test that with discord app on though in squad play, where the issue was very easy to notice. I will look towards upgrading to an i7 6700 or 7700, non K, mainly cuz of the lower tdp. Thanks for the tip. Marking this green for other people to see if they run into the same issue.
  7. @schwellmo92 It is dual-channel , I have 2x8 GB sticks. Also, yes, it is the upgradable kind of clevo laptop. I can upgrade the cpu to a 6700 or I believe even a 7700 on the latest bios version. I am just unsure whether the problem is a bottleneck or defective components, I wouldn't want to throw away 300 pounds on a cpu only to have the laptop not work. The temperatures are quite horrid as well. The can easily reach and surpass 80's under full load. I have had issues with the laptop for the longest time, at one point it fried itself, and it had maybe the gpu replaced, so they've said but who knows, it's not the most trustworthy company as their support proved.
  8. I own a Clevo p775-DM3-G, 26 months old, out of warranty at this point. Specs: i5 6600 | GTX 1070 (not max-q as far as I know) | 16 gb DDR4@2400 mhz | Kingston uv500 480gb Monitor: Asus PG278QR ( 1440p ) OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, activated, updated, etc Latest Nvidia Driver, pretty sure the bios is up to the last version as well. Problem: Many games stutter and show massive FPS drops, specifically PUBG, Ring of Elysium, Battlefield 1(the ones I mostly play). Usually the CPU is running at 96-100% while the gpu is inbetween 35-60%. I usually get better stability in PUBG if I limit the fps to ~75-80, but there are still FPS drops(even down to 30) and the gameplay always feels sluggish. Is this a problem with the cpu bottlenecking my gpu? The drops seem a bit extreme even if that were the case, but this laptop being the big pile of garbage it is, I wouldn't rule out anything, maybe MBO or GPU are faulty..? PS: I have tried different graphics settings, mostly running on the lowest and usually there is no improvement no matter how low I go. I am not that good with tech stuff, so if you guys have any ideas as to what could be wrong with it, I'd like to know your ideas. I was thinking of buying a PC, but if I can fix this and drag it around until it dies, that'd be ok too.