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  1. Thanks that's helpful, my H55 would not post. My Asus h55 does not support it I was not aware that some chipsets will not work with Xeon.
  2. Hi all I am looking for a motherboard that will work with a Xeon x3440 I have tried Asus P7H55 and I am looking to overclock so any help would be welcomed. Thanks
  3. Hi all I love building PC's of all shapes and sizes but as we know it is so expensive at the moment; so for entertainment I decided to dig out some old components. HD 7950 sapphire 2Gb 8Gb DDR3 SSD/HDD available AMD A4-4000 A55 micro ATX motherboard I thought it would be fun to build a HTPC for the front room but the processor is not up for the task. My question is, what processor could I get for the motherboard that would run 720p games on my TV or would I need to change more components. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the guide it looks a lot better no horrible warmth to the image.
  5. Thanks I have started to do a calibration, I will report back
  6. Datacolor Express software was used recently
  7. I am using their software, I have used DisplayCAL in the past, however, I was concerned that it was a bit over my head and I would not know if I had followed the instructions correctly.
  8. Hi Guys I bought a Spyder 5 with Express software a few years back, I am now a professional photographer and I was very excited to have monitors running properly and I believe this would be one less thing to worry about so I invested, however, I was never happy with the results they always seemed very warm and the whites looked dirty. I now have a new PC and monitor so I decided to get the Spyder back out and I have the same results again. None of my hardware is the same. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Hi Guys I have, I have a problem with my monitors. I will explain my setup GTX980 TI 1st Device is a Monitor running 1440p through mini Display port 2nd Device is a 720p TV through HDMI This is what happens. I will open a browser on the TV and play Netflix while game ETC on the monitor. I have no performance issue with frame rate ETC however if i close the browser on the TV it goes black then the TV receives no signal and changes to its default blue screen saver. There is a second issue every now and then i can scroll to the TV but there is no mouse input, I can see the cursor but i cant click on anything, when i move my mouse to the bottom screen the same thing happens and then the PC freezes followed by lose of signal and I have to use the reset button on the PC. The motherboard still reads a normal post of 24. Please help
  10. I managed to find a thread on a Windows 10 forum which suggested a small program called treesize free https://www.jam-software.de/freeware/?language=EN I have installed it and it seems to work really well.
  11. Cool thanks. Its really annoying as a photographer it would be helpful to see how quick a folder has filled up.
  12. Hi guys I have been meaning to ask this for a while but why does windows not tell me the file size in explorer, why does it struggle with this and is there anything i can do?
  13. I finally did it, I have it stable at 3.8 ghz. I re- seated the cooler (which was fitted by some one else) and pulled all the power cables, then increased low line calibration and it seems to have worked. I will test 3.9 and 4.0 but i am happy at 3.8. Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. I now have a motherboard q code 8 when I am at 3.6ghz it was working fine.
  15. Yes all the issues in that thread are the same as mine
  16. I think i will have to. FYI the overclock at 3.7 on the old windows failed, it went back to 1.5 ghz. i will re install and report back, Thanks for the help
  17. The original figures are from a fresh install the last one was the SSD from my 4790k build which, the 1700 is to replace it but I still have the old SSD. I will try an overclock on it.
  18. I have tried a different windows 10 install and one core has boosted to 3.7 ghz
  19. Tried a different install of windows 10 and single core in cinebench does shoe 3.7ghz on one core
  20. I cant see anything boosting to 3.7. i am at stock and running cine bench single core. If its helpful the stock single core score on cinebench was only 127 that seems low.
  21. I hope this info is I hope this info helps. Prime 95 at stock.CSV
  22. I ran memtest all night with no issues. the ram is 2133
  23. i have done all of this now and still nothing past 3.6 ghz