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    I was born, therefore i will die.
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    Automation Engineer


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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Asus Strix B450 Gaming
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    2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    MSI Radeon Vega 56 Air Boost 8G OC
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    NZXT H500i
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    Crucial P1 1TB + 2x WD SSD + 9TB NAS Synology
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    Seasonic 1000w
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    LG 4k something
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    BeQuiet Silent Loop AIO 280mm
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    Chinese mechanical keyboard
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    Logitech G305
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    Fiio e10k
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    Win10 pro
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    Mackbook pro 15" Mid 2015 (the best one)

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  1. well, it's true, but we always try to make what's bets of it :D.
  2. oh yes, I misspoke....misswrite ahahah, I meant GPU. I will see if I have something to improve the combing of the extensions.
  3. thanks, I cut the tubing I little longer because I wanted to keep an equal bend radius in all the tubes, but I didn't get the desired effect ahahaha. the cables going to the cpu are always horrible, I don't know what can I do with them.
  4. I don't think I have enough clearance to bend the tubes there without a 90º fitting, but I'll check the option.
  5. I tried to do that, but yes I needed to rotate the block, and I don't want to break it ahahah. you mean point the outlets to the front rad? yes I wanted to d that but if I order new fittings now, they will arrive in several months ahahaha. I will think over this. great answer, thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm back, now with the loop "almost" finished, it's just missing the GPU block (it will arrive some day, for covid reasons). now it's working fine, went from 40ºC delta temps to 13ªC. I will have to check how well it works with the GPU when it arrives. I've tried to do another loop first but got the in-out wrong so I had to change it: the long tube it's gonna be cut in half to accommodate the GPU block, and I will change for clear tubing. my question is, how you will improve the looks of it? when I change for the clear tubes I will try to straighten the tubes so it looks more tidy. [EDIT] Finally after all this time, my waterblock is here! Yessss! Dani out.
  7. oh, its there. I think I can make it work with 45º. now it is waiting for the block to arrive, hurry up!!.
  8. so I think you are saying something like this (GPU black missing still), tubbing just for testing, mine is translucent. I'll try like that. the difficult thing will be to fit the front rad -> res fitting, I think I'll need a 90ª.
  9. i was thinking in a layout like this. but i don't know where the vertical rad is connected.
  10. Hello everyone, So, right now I'm planning my loop layout and I'm not sure of what to do. I'll list the things I will put into the loop: EK supremacy Evo Radiador 240mm Xspc Radiador 360mm Xspc Pump swiftech D5 Ek-Xres 140 Revo D5 RGB Vega 56 EKWB water block I have 20 feet of primo chill tubbing to try and build a good looking loop. and I'm trying and find the best layout to put both radiators in the NZXT H700 Case, any recommendations? right now I'm waiting for the GPU block so have some spare time for experimentation. thank you all! more pics.
  11. Disclaimer2: Birb didn't steal all the toilet paper also.
  12. do we have a quarantine parrot? :party