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  1. Do you happen to know the make and model of your motherboard? does it have 2 or 4 ram slots? could be a dual channel issue where you have placed in slots 1+2 rather than 1+3 or 2+4.
  2. Cheers for all your input, thats the basic premise of this post for me, as a what should i look for, is HDR worth it, I'm not too up to date on when new displays are released/scheduled to release so anything is helpful.
  3. Hey guys, appreciate all the help you can provide and i'll try provide what I can to help but essentially when June time comes i plan on upgrading to the next gen Nvidia cards possibly around the 3080 range not necessarily ti, and with that my 1080p monitor just doesn't cut it, here's where i'm hoping you guys can suggest something. The specs i would like are 1440p 144hz or higher IPS and i'd like low response as i do play CS GO and games like that, that require quick responses and I am a big fan of pretty colours and lights so I would like a good looking monitor. A monitor i found that fits the bill for myself is the ViewSonic-XG270QG-27-inch-DisplayPort-Speakers-Black. I'd like to say my budget is around the 600 GBP mark but if i can be convinced to go to a max of 1000 i suppose but i need some convincing! I love the specs of that monitor but I'm wondering whether or not i should really be considering HDR since this monitor doesn't support it? is it needed? is it worth the extra cash? I can't say i've experienced it so some hopefully some of you guys can confirm if its a necessity or not. I know its a lot to read but if you guys can help I'd be hugely grateful. P.S timescale wise i could be willing to wait till the end of the year potentially for newer monitors to come out but June time with RTX releases (fingers crossed) I'd like to target there.
  4. In my experience, its not necessarily me knowing pc parts are easily breakable but more the cost of the parts. If im blasting upwards of 500-1000 pounds on a graphics card, even though i know i can man handle them more than you expect, its not worth taking the chances when that damage wont be covered in warranty IF i manage to break it man handling it.
  5. One thing i noticed with my cpu that did something similar (ryzen 3700x), check your system power settings, make sure its on high performance. I've had ryzen master kick it to power saver and underclocked my cpu hard.
  6. I've managed to stuff an old GPU i sold to a friend and visited from England the Netherlands inside the anti static bag between my clothes in my carry on as i took it on the plane, completely fine with it.
  7. Hi all, recently bought the Logitech G pro X gaming headset and while it sounds amazing and the mic is very nice, the mic is crazy sensitive, it picks up any sound in my living room. Is there any options in the G hub or otherwise that could lower the sensitivity of this? I'm terrible with audio settings and what to use so if anyone has any recommended settings to put the G hub for my headset that would be great also. I primarily use discord and I'm not sure what sensitivity to put on there that will help drown out background noise whilst not cutting me off in the process.
  8. Personally I'd advise against it. Im running at 1080 right now and an upgrade to the Ti for the price wouldn't be worth it, if your really looking for an upgrade perhaps look into the 2080 super or 2080 Ti depending on your budget or wait for the next series of RTX cards to come out which is what I'm doing. Currently my 1080 doesn't have issues running any game on very high settings.
  9. A few games I've played with friends are Portal 2 is a great game, Left 4 dead 2, Terraria, Trine. None of which really require high end hardware and are quite fun. As for a controller, if steam controllers are still available i suppose you can get them pretty cheap but i'd suggest a good xbox one controller otherwise i'd hate the cheap brand controllers that don't feel as comfortable but thats my personal preference I'll leave it to others to suggest better options for controllers.
  10. I've upgraded my CPU, MOBO, RAM, CPU cooler from i5 7600k, z170 gaming k3-eu, corsair vengeance 16gb (2x8gb) 3000 mhz and a hyper 212 evo to ryzen 3700x, x570 mpg gaming edge wifi, corsair vengance RGB 16gb (2x8gb) 3600 mhz and a dark rock 4. Veyr happy with the upgrade from Intel!
  11. Well if I haven't said this before, you guys are awesome. Thanks for this.
  12. I appreciate all your help on this guys, I was wondering if you were able to make a second build with a budget of £600 primarily for GTA 5 and Fortnite preferably keeping the fractal case linked lower as the cd drive would still need to be required (I apologise).
  13. It could lower the costs... this is a good benchmark for now, I will hold onto it and get it all sorted around black friday coming up and hope some of these parts are cheaper by then.
  14. Honestly I've tried talking him out of it he is hell bent on having one in, I've went with the focus g and the dvd drive but this isn't till Christmas so I have time to talk him out of it. So far it's looking very good and just a few pounds shy of 1000 especially keeping the 5700.