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  1. I want to get a 500gb SSD but Im not sure which to get, Ive heard that the MX500 speed is similar to the 860 evo but it has 150tb of endurance while the 860 evo has 300tb (both 500gb model), would it be worth spending more for the endurance? The Samsung 860 Evo is $85 and the Crucial MX500 is $68
  2. wantgpuhelp

    Rubber Fan Mounts

    I decided to get these https://www.amazon.com/Rubber-cooling-stretchable-vibration-Angeles/dp/B07BX91J3B/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1548118220&sr=8-4&keywords=neutral+rubber+fan+mount ,Ill post back about how they work
  3. wantgpuhelp

    M.2 SSDs and heat?

    I want to get an m.2 sata SSD but Im not sure about heat, my 2.5 inch SSD already gets pretty hot (around 40c) so Im not sure about having an SSD without a shell, especially right under the graphics card
  4. wantgpuhelp

    Rubber Fan Mounts

    Im looking for to buy some rubber fan mounts for my fans but Im hearing so many different opinions on so many of them plus Im not sure which to get since theres so many and I dont know how to tell whether itll fit with my current fans (Im using 2 Arctic F14s and 2 Arctic Bionix F14s)
  5. the hyperx cloud core is pretty good, cloud core II if you want surround sound (though virtual surround is pretty garbage)
  6. My build is almost complete but i just need some exhaust fans my budget is $15 (can be a little more) per fan, and i dont really care about aesthetics or noise (as long as it doesnt sound like a jet engine) i currently use 2 Arctic Bionix F140's for intake, should i just get more of those or are there specific fans designed for exhaust?
  7. wantgpuhelp

    Artifacts on RX 580

    its fine now, the memory clock was 2050 and I set it to 2000 and now everything is fine
  8. wantgpuhelp

    Artifacts on RX 580

    after changing the memory clock from 2050 to 2000 it seems like everything is stable, no artifacts and nothing freaking out, should I still RMA it?
  9. wantgpuhelp

    Artifacts on RX 580

    I have an RX 580 8gb nitro+ and its starting to get artifacts and when I try to play games or use something like furmark everything is messed up, like the 3d models freak out. Im also getting a high pitched noise when its under load how can I fix this?
  10. wantgpuhelp

    Artifacts on RX 580

    I can also hear some weird noise from it when doing furmark I got it 2 months ago, should I RMA it?
  11. wantgpuhelp

    Artifacts on RX 580

    I occasionally see artifacts on my RX 580 8gb Nitro+ and when trying furmark its all messed up, it was fine a few days ago anyone know how I can fix this?