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    Intel i7-6800k
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    Gigabyte Ultra x99 Gaming
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    CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 64GB 2400
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    Vega 56
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    be quiet! Silent Base 601
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    ADATA SX8200NP 512gb & Samsung 850 mSATA 500gb
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    Seasonic 750W 80 Plus Titanium
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    1x LG 34GN850-B & 2x AOPEN 27ML1U
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G302

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  1. Thank you @AccurateLamer. I sent him a private message a bit ago.
  2. Thank you Oliver. Appreciate the advice.
  3. Good Sunday morning. My daughter worked on a video for the ROG Rig Reboot 2020 competition and uploaded it to YouTube Friday evening (9/25). She should've adhered to the requirements shown, except she didn't know how LTT staff were going to find her video, guessed that it was just by the hashtag. She looked at the Gleam.IO page on Saturday & noticed it said something about entries. She started to flip out and asked me if she really got entered into the competition. I asked in a different post on this forum and turns out there was a form on that page she needed to fill out. She's crushed now because she doesn't have a chance. She knew the odds were heavily against her, just thought she had a shot. The purpose of this post is in the very small chance it could make it in the competition. If not, if someone from LTT who is bored enough to message here, or private message, maybe saying it was a decent video and sorry she didn't get a chance, that would be great (for validation of her efforts). She did the video using a mouse because her huion pen broke. To be clear, I don't expect anything. This was just a shot in the dark and figured it wouldn't hurt to post. I also hope I didn't break any rules by posting this here (sorry if I did).
  4. Thanks again. I think she was prepared for not winning (I also tried to prepare her for that), but not getting her entry in the competition to be considered is going to be bad. I'll just tell her the news tomorrow. I used the competition to get her revved up about creating animations again, but screwed the pooch on this one. I should've caught that detail for her. Well, sh*t. I absolutely don't expect this, but if a bored LTT person wanted to say "Nice job, but we're going with another contestant. Thanks for the video!", that would be super helpful. I 100% don't expect it (nor would they likely even read this), but figured it wouldn't hurt to post. Don't want to appear entitled or begging, especially when it was a misunderstanding on my/our part.
  5. Oh shit, she's going to be crushed. Thanks for replying.
  6. I told my daughter about the ROG Rig Reboot 2020 earlier in the week. She was complaining about her PC and not being able to game competitively recently, plus she does digital art stuff, so figured she might care. Her Huion pen was broken, so she did the animation with just a mouse. She created a video which should've satisfied the video requirements here --> https://gleam.io/cbeo9/asus-rog-rig-reboot-2020, 30-60 sec max, show the rig, tell why she deserves to win, hashtag in description & be creative. She's now freaking out because she didn't think it was submitted correctly. She sees on the gleam.io site that there are 3413 entries, but neither myself or she remembers something to 'click' and participate. I also just figured someone was going to comb through YouTube via #ROGRigReboot20 and review them individually. Seemed insane, but didn't see another way. QUESTION: Was there some link on Gleam.IO where you officially were supposed to submit your entry? Or was posting it on YouTube with the hashtag sufficient enough?
  7. PROBLEM: I have a few monitors and TVs that have gotten dirty over time. Some have gross stuff on them from grubby 7 yr old hands. I'm also about to buy a pretty expensive awesome monitor (LG 34GN850-B) of which I'm more worried about damaging over time. CONFLICTING INFO ON WEB: I'd like to buy a cleaner, but none of them are brands I recognize. I read the reviews, and some are complaining about PH level being a factor stating you want it to be neutral or the antiglare coating will come off eventually or degrade. Some sources state never to use soap, some say to use half vinegar / half water. There's a fair bit of conflicting information. QUESTION: Does anyone know of a trustworthy product or brand ? or perhaps a source that would tell me? I have been reading up for the past +1hr and I don't feel I'm any closer to a good answer. Thanks in advance.
  8. BTW: I used StableBit Scanner to determine that most of my drives were well beyond designed limits, so I just got rid of all my 2tb old drives. It also significantly lowered wattage too, as my UPS shows a much higher uptime after those five drives were replaced with a single 10tb. Oh, and, it also told me that my NVMe 240gb game drive is hosed. I am in the process of RMA'ing it. Also, note that StableBit Scanner doesn't recognize individual drives once you put them into a Storage Spaces array.
  9. Great video, as usual. I think it would be pretty interesting to augment this with VR. I think doing racing games in VR or flight simulator would be really sick. I saw this one guy on YT with a pretty cool @ home setup (see picture). It's from some random video I found while searching for VR reviews on Pimax 8KX (guy's channel is Joseph Marland-Brown). Also, would be pretty cool to do a review of the HP Reverb G2 and Pixmax 8KX *WITH* this awesome new setup. Just thoughts
  10. Well, with full scans from chkdsk and Western Digital tools, it found zero problems with all 2 tb drives and the two 10 tb drives. I ordered a 10 tb extra drive and decommissioned two of the 2 tb drives. I setup another storage space w/ReFs file system, enabled integrity streams and disabled enforcement. After doing a full scan of the extra 10 tb IronWolf, I'll move the ~8 tb of data to the storage space. I should have about 16.3 Tbytes of effective storage, which should last a super long time. Since I live in an area with periodic brownouts due to frequent storms, I am finally buying a UPS. I'm also grabbing a 200mm fan to help push more air near the HDDs to keep them all below 30°C. Figured this will really help with overall stability because it'll never experience another power outage or brown out, not to mention with line interactive AVR, cleaner power. Well, that's the idea anyways. Thanks for the advice.
  11. I found an article where someone ran a full chkdsk & found no problems but WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostics Extended Test DID find errors. I'm going to use this and test all five of my 2 tb drives. I might feel better after that, we'll see.
  12. @Electronics Wizardy Damn, that's a good idea that I never contemplated. I'm going to strongly consider this.
  13. @Electronics Wizardy Thank you for replying. I don't know what caused the file issues beforehand and just assumed it was the old-ass hard drives. I haven't done a full chkdsk scan on the two 10tb drives I have, but the 2tb came out clean and no SMART issues. I don't have a backup solution either, just these drives. I do backup all my personal data on Google Drive (photos, important personal docs, etc) and this is stored on the Storage Space as well. I use Google's Backup And Sync app to keep it constantly backed up. I've already paid $270 to replace the five x 2tb drives with a single 10tb Seagate Ironwolf, just waiting on the shipment. I'm just considering if I should trust these drives for the next two years or just three 10 tb drives.
  14. .... overall reliability? HERE'S THE SITUATION: I had a MS storage space w/ReFs and integrity streams enabled. I noticed that my space was screwed up showing 100% utilization vs actual 62%. Since I had redundancy, I pulled one of the drives out and moved the data over to a 10tb drive, recovering the data. Well, during the move, some of the files FAILED the CRC check from the integrity stream, about a dozen files out of maybe . Well, shit. DRIVE HISTORY OVER LAST ~10 YRS: I've had drive sleeping disabled. The server stayed up most of the time, so only 60 power-on counts, or about 1 power-on every 2 months roughly. I have a decent PSU and connected to a good surge protector. There are rubber stoppers connecting the drives in their bays too. Temperatures are not great even with airflow, usually around high 20s, low 30s. USAGE: These drives are mostly used for a Google Drive backup and Plex Server storage. WUDDA-YA THINK I SHOULD DO ABOUT THE 2TB DRIVES?: The SMART data doesn't show anything bad for all five 2tb drives. I just did a chkdsk /r /x /f and it came back 100% clean from these freshly formatted drives (took about 5 hrs each), zero bad sectors. Do you think I should dump these 2tb drives and replace with a 10tb, do a 2 way mirror w/ReFs & integrity streams like I was doing before? I should keep these 2tb drives, add that extra 10tb and maybe do a THREE way mirror w/ReFs & integrity streams for added reliability? I should keep these 2tb drives, add that extra 10tb and do a 2 way mirror w/ReFs & integrity streams, adding 5tb of effective space (don't really need it tho)? Some other option I haven't thought about I'm not interested in moving to Linux atm. I don't know enough about it if shit hits the fan. Also, I want to keep hardware transcoding support w/my 1060 in Windows (unless they've added Linux support). ALL DRIVES HAVE SAME CHKDSK RESULT (checking 10tb drives later): SMART DRIVE OUTPUT FOR ALL 2TB OLD-ASS HDDs:
  15. An update: I decided to remove one of the 10 tb drives from my array manually (since it wouldn't let me in Storage Spaces), wiped it and moved all data from the storage space to the single 10 tb drive. I then deleted the storage space and the pool of devices. I've ordered another 10 tb drive to replace those old WDs that have a power-on time of over 8 years Seems that there was a critical flaw in ReFs that may have led to this. This flaw of not recovering files properly was apparently fixed in a recent version. I also upgraded to Win10 Workstation so I can create an ReFs partition (can only do on Workstation or Win Server now, sigh).