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  1. Hi, i plugged yesterday a ssd nvme m.2 in my laptop, windows and everything is on the hdd, i wanted my windows on the ssd with a fresh installation but it got fucked up, 1 my hdd is 1 tb but i can only see 465 gb on it the rest dissapeard. but it still boots windows. 2. i can only see my ssd in the rapid technology, but no where else shows the ssd up, disk manager, cmd prompt diskpart, what happend? thank you
  2. in the second one is windows installed volume 1 i tried yesterday threw cmd to repair it but didn't work. and tried gparted usb drive but i couldn't boot from usb he couldn't find the usb.
  3. thank you for you help i'm looking in to it
  4. you're right i don't care it's empty, i will look into your suggention. thanky you.
  5. hi this is my hard drive, on this drive used to be windows 10 active. but bought a ssd and formatted this one. but i can't activate the one with 630.43 gb and if i want to make a new volume it rejects with - the expansion is smaller than the minimum size. i'm kinda out of options, searched on google and youtube for similar problems. can someone help?
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7RDWsZ i want to build my first pc build, i wanted to know if there is something to improve or replace something. thank you.
  7. Windows 10 mbps 50 downloading speed 25 mb s
  8. Let me be more open then, Sometimes when i update windows it will get stuck at 98 or 99 and after 5 ours of waiting at 99 it's still on 99%. Is it normal or do you restart your pc. I was just backing up my windows 10 files on a external hdd it got stuck on 97% i waited for 2 more hours still nothing. So i stopped it, is it save to do something like that.
  9. just everything when it happens to you what do you do usually
  10. Hi, when we download something or upload or even back up and it gets stuck at 97%. what do you guys do you stop it or you just wait it out.
  11. yes i completly agree with you, because is so cheap i asked myself if it is reliable. and hdd is so slow it will make a difference. thank you for your comment mate.
  12. yeah you right but it's not really for a gaming pc just basic task's browsing.
  13. i want to build a cheap pc, is it safe to set windows 10 on a cheap ssd. just pure for the os on the ssd, would it a problem later on. the kingston SSD 240.
  14. can i contact this guy through email or something?
  15. hello are you there mate, i bought it from bol.com to. did you do something about it?