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  1. looks like New York is joining too? https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-signs-executive-order-protect-and-strengthen-net-neutrality-new-york
  2. Sorry I didn't state my question well enough, but should my memory clock speed be Maxed at all times? And is that contributing to the slightly warmer idle temp?
  3. Hello everyone!Well the day finally came and i got my Strix 1080 OC in the mail! The installation went good, I installed the AURA and Asus GPU Tweak programs, launched the GPU tweak program and noticed that my Memory Clock is constantly maxed and my idle temp is around 50C. I have a dual monitor setup one is 144hz. 4790k cpu, 16 gigs ram. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thank you I got it working now.
  5. I tried, AutoUpdateWindow is there right away.
  6. Yes its connected with a SLI bridge and Im using a Gibabyte UD5H-Bk, but that wasn't my question. Both GPU's are showing up fine on my PC but when I try to enable them this comes up How do I close AutoUpdateWindow is ALL I'm asking?
  7. I have two GTX 970's and when I go to the "Configure SLI" tab in Nvidia's Control Panel and check the "Maximize 3D preformance" a window pops up to close chrome.exe and AutoUpdateWindow. I can close chrome but have no idea how to close AutoUpdateWindow? I can't find it in the task manager or anything? Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I don't understand why people think they need a removable battery. Seriously just carry around a battery pack and get over it. The built quilty of phones are much better with non removable batteries.
  9. Ok help,I was thinking about getting a Nvidia Shield Portable, who thinks this is a better option?
  10. Ok sounds good, now last question. If I remember correctly for the PWM hub the first fan plugged into it is the speed the rest of the fans will run at? So in that case should one of the fans be plugged into the first spot of the PWM hub? Thanks everyone I really appreciate it.
  11. But I need a spot for my pump. I can't just plug both fans into the CPU headers. Can I not use the PWM hub for the two fans?
  12. I'm starting my PC build tomorrow and I have a question regarding my Kraken X61. I don't know where to plug in the fans for my X61? My case is the Enthoo Luxe, and my motherboard is the Gigabyte UD5H-BK. There's two fan headers on the top of my mobo, CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT. The fan cables won't reach to the bottom where my other headers are. I also have a PWM hub built into the case. I was thinking the pump plugged into CPU_FAN, and then the PWM hub in the CPU_OPT and the two fans plugged into the hub? Is that okay or no? If not any other ideas? Thanks!
  13. I got it for free with my GTX 970's, but I probably would have bought it when it went on sale.