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  1. Thanks guys I'm not a pro at soldering but, I think I'm going to order some replacements and try replacing it.
  2. I have a motherboard that will not boot due to a dead cmos due to it not holding any bios settings as a result. Unfortunately it is not a cr2032 it's an old lithium block battery that appears to be directly soldered to the motherboard. Anyone have any ideas to work around this without having to solder the battery/motherboard? I am going to leave it on over lunch to see if it will charge up/hold a charge. You can see the CMOS battery in the second picture.
  3. Not sure I can do a traditional profile rebuild because that is typically done in a corporate setting in the personal setting there is no GUID or ProfileGUID folder in the registry.
  4. probably going to take all night to backup my C drive so I will give that a try tomorrow probably. Thanks.
  5. Maybe I can do a typical windows profile rebuild? such as is explained here https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/121165-re-create-user-profile-windows the only thing not typical about it is I would be doing it from my laptop not my PC like you normally would.
  6. I was able to load the hive and find my profile in the registry from my gaming PC using my laptop but, there is not a profile duplicate with .bak at the end like I am seeing is normally the issue with the original error message "user profile service service failed the logon" So I am kind of stuck now not really sure what else I could try with adjusting the user profile, if anyone knows please help. I can't use the PC at all and planning on backing up the files from it to my external hard drive so not too worried about messing up the profile/windows install worse, if I do I will just reimage.
  7. I found a post on how to do that here: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-edit-the-registry-on-a-secondary-drive going to give that a try.
  8. If I plug in the drive to my laptop with an external driver read/writer would I be able to edit the registry on it that way?
  9. Yeah I was hoping to do that in safe mode but, can't seem to get past the login screen. That is the only profile I had created unfortunately .
  10. Don't really have any backups unfortunately. Do you mean just run a system check from bios or physically check the hardware?
  11. Hello All, I booted up my gaming/streaming PC like I do every morning when starting work from home and received and error message at my login screen "user profile service service failed the logon The user profile cannot be loaded". I am not sure whether this was a random occurrence or if my "friend" may have deleted my profile from my registry while I left my PC unlocked and unattended. Though, I did also receive a BSOD a few days ago and in computer management windows log files it showed as a system bugcheck. I ignored it unfortunately and only had the one profile on my system. I have attached some pictures of what my login screen looks like currently and the error message I got when trying to do a system restore to the only restore point I had available while in safe mode. I have tried all the troubleshooting I can think of and will probably need to reimage. Troubleshooting: I have been getting to the Windows recovery and troubleshooting options by holding shift when restarting from my broken login screen -trying the continue and exit to Windows Recovery option just loops back to the broken login screen -trying the use another operating system and selecting Windows Recover also goes back to the broken login screen -trying the "reset this PC" option and selecting keep my files failed with an error message and said that no changes were made -trying to system restore gave the error message attached in advanced options -trying start up repair was not able to resolve the problem -trying to uninstall updates both feature and quality seemed to run successfully but looped back to broken login again -trying to use "startup settings" to change to safe boot mode just restarted and went to the broken login screen didn't give me any options - trying to use Command Prompt opened CMD window and I ran "bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal" ran successfully - still just rebooted back to login after closing cmd window. Anyone have any suggestions before I try to save what I can from the Drive then reimage? Thanks! DeskRabbit
  12. WOW -Owen Wilson I was able to get into the bios reinstall/flash BIOS version F22 from flash drive. Then boot into windows on restart. I have never been so happy to see windows. lol Thanks for the assistance and chat! I am so happy
  13. UPDATE: I was played with the display cables a bit and actually got a POST. Not sure what is going on but, this is the furthest I have gotten since the BIOS flash. I cannot f2 or del to do anything like normal on the boot menu. Anyone know is there a safe mode option on this MB BIOS? Not seeing anything about it in the manual.
  14. Well still no response whatsoever when trying to power up after shorting those pins. I might be able return it still so that's a plus.
  15. I can give that a try but, right now there is seemingly no power going through it at all. I.E. no fans turning and no LED's etc. Should I still give it a try the same sort of way? @CharminUltraStrong Thank you.
  16. Hello All, So I know I did something dumb, just getting that out the way. Apologies for the long post. Although, I will start from why I wanted to update my BIOS. My PC had a problem waking up from sleep and had to restart instead of waking up. Upon, restarting I was notified that there was a memory.dmp for the error. I did some research on the memory dump and it looked like there was a power driver issue. However, I was unable to determine the specific driver for which the error derived from. Therefore, I attempted to find more information from Gigabyte. I installed the Gigabyte App Center hoping it would help ensure my drivers were up to date/stable. I ran a live update on that App Center, it first updated the NIC driver restarted PC, updated/flashed BIOS on its own successfully restarted and booting normally after that. Then I messed up. I was at this point running BIOS Version F22. Still unsure that I resolved any of the original driver issues I went back into the Gigabyte App Center, went into the BIOS settings section, clicked update from server. It found the newest version (F23) and displayed my Motherboard model. (The APP center uses the .@BIOS live update utility.) Then when I updated and flashed the new BIOS it said flashed successfully, Reboot now? I rebooted the machine and it power-cycled a few times which I figured was normal but, when it stopped the power cycles and the RGB keyboard/mouse were no longer light I began to worry. Since, it is terrible to interrupt a BIOS update/flash I waited a few minutes more. Still nothing, I tried reseating the monitor, mouse, and keyboard but, no change. Finally I decided well I will just reboot it. Using the power button I did so, the PC seemed to power-cycle and POST normally but, there was no Post or anything coming up on the monitor. I tried moving the monitor cables to the onboard graphics etc. Though, I was unable to get anything on my monitors whatever I tried. Looking for any troubleshooting options from there I tried a CMOS reset and now there is no response whatsoever when trying to power up. No fans, LEDs, nothing. Not sure of what the exact point of failure was but, I am very certain at this point that I just upgraded my motherboard to an expensive paperweight. I basically would just like a confirmation that my MB is now a brick before I put the nail on it's coffin. P.S. May be a good video idea to explain this further and attempt repair on a MB with failed BIOS. I assume you can do that by changing the actual chip-set for the bios on the motherboard. Not sure if that is something Linus would do or not. Thanks everyone!