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  1. No mate, mine had the same problem as yours, one hot hose, one cold hose. i have now bought 8mm clear hose, £1, a tin of white spray for the rad £6, deionised water (yes yes I know mixed metals blah.)£1. Food dye £1 - all that’s left now is to refil it all and test it out. Yeah it’s been a bit of a hassle, but if it works out I will use this one for my gpu and then I may even buy another buggered one and do the same again!
  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath mate, I have tweeted them twice to try and get the screw sizes or some replacement screws for the copper plate. I have A LOT of Corsair kit and it’s generally very good but I have always said, the quality of the afterales support by far outweighs the products and sales process, the first time I have asked for assistance and it’s almost as if they have disappeared of the face of the earth, unless of course you have over 8 million followers and then they wright on the forums to make all kinds of promises! sorry mate but this is the truth!
  3. You could try what I tried.... tottally stripped it it out bought new hoses tested pump all works well. Just trying to figure out how to refil it, ideally I would like to add a fill port / bleed port but don’t know where. Going to take it to see a plumber!
  4. Interesting what you say about pump speeds, I can see how it would help having multiple pumps at the same speeds but IF you had differing speeds wouldn’t the additional pumps just help push the water round or would they actually slow the water down?
  5. Yeah, I kind of thought that, I currently just run a Ryzen 2600@4ghz 50c full load, but I am thinking of making it a bit sexier!, maybe a nice reservoir, see through hose. Then maybe adding the 1080, do do I add 2 240mm rads to a single loop with both components or have 2 separate loops....
  6. Hi, well lets just just start by saying I enjoy arsing around with my components more than I do actually using the computer..., I think that will hit home with a lot of readers! I have the the following components.. h100x aio 240. H100i v2 aio, thermaltake 240mm separates (45ltr pump, res and 240mm rad) so that’s 3 240mm rads, 2 blocks with pumps and a separate pump... i am am looking for a little project and was considering splitting the h100i and adding a second 240mm rad, or maybe even using the 3 240mm rads almost in back to back formation with fans separating them? And then adding in the cpu and GPU in to the loop. anyone have any thoughts on this? will more rad space really make a difference? Do you hit a maximum where adding more rads makes no difference? will the 400ltr ph pump push the lot, or should I use the block pumps on the aio systems too? Any my thoughts or ideas?
  7. I have just gone from a i5 4690k to a ryzen 2600 with a B450 ROG board, huge improvement. i was seeing 100% CPU usage in most games for prolonged periods. New system never tops more than 90% for a couple of seconds during game play, love that. Also, when the new CPU comes out laster in the year you can sell the 2600 and probably get back £120? so it will have cost me around £30. the NEw CPU "should" be dominating the mid range CPU market... time will tell Avoid the intel tax, go with AMD!
  8. That's disappointing, I kind of hoped i was missing the obvious thing!
  9. Hi, Right, i am using wireless PCE AC68 and i have the same Asus AC68u router. Windows reports my connection speed to the router at about 250 meg. If i use Wifi sweet spots on my iPhone XS i am getting 253Mbs at the same position as the antenna so i am sure that that is accurate. When I carry out a broadband speed test i am getting around 200meg on the wifi (I would get about 350 on the wire) so again this is all about right. However when i transfer a file on the wifi i am getting a flat transfer speed of around 11MB/s which is the speed i would associate with a 100 meg connection. Now when i plug a wire in and transfer the same file on a wire i am getting 80 - 90MB/s which is what i would associate with a true reading for a gig connection.. So the question is, does anone know why i am getting slow network transfer speeds on the Wifi even when the Internet speed is faster than the transfer speed? Wired speedtest Wireless Transfer file Wired And then same file wireless.., any ideas?
  10. Hi, it would help if we had a budget? Also do you have any other components such as a PSU or a case or is it literally just a graphics card?
  11. Hi, Well I used to have a Coolermaster Seidon 120mm AIO and the pump gave up after about 5 years. Anyway I spent a long time looking around the various things on offer and I finally went for the Corsair H100x. This is the cheapest 240mm AIO in their line up because it doesn't use the patented Asetek kit and instead uses one supplied by Coolit (I believe) and this means that they can get the price down by not paying royalties. I ended up paying £79 for the AIO and I thought I would post my findings here as there isn't really much coverage of this cooler on the internet that I can see. My system is an Intel Core i5 4690k with a Gigabyte H97n-Wifi Board. under the old CPU cooler I used two fans in a push pull config, I used Akasa Piranha fans which I have always been a 'fan' of. I also use a NZXT Grid v3 to control all the fans but the Rad pump is plugged directly in to the motherboard. I use a Nvidia Super Palit Jetstream 1080 GPU. The games I play mainly are NFS and BF5. Under the old 120mm fan I would get around 32 degrees idle, occasionally dropping to 25 on a cold day. Where i live at the moment the temperature is around 3 degrees Celsius. When gaming I was hitting temperatures of up to 70 degrees C on the CPU according to the Cam software. Now with the new H100x my gaming temperature is 35-38, this is a huge decrees! I have tested the new rad using 2 Piranha have fans, 2 Corsair Fans, all 4 fans together and even no fans at all. I can say that using 2 or 4 fans doesn't really make much of a difference. the temps remain at the same when under load or idle. The new idle temperature is between 19-22 degrees C. I would definitely recommend getting this cooler.
  12. Thanks pal. Upgrade is now complete, Old msi h97 matx i5 4690k 16gb ddr3 New ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair CMK16GX4M2D3000C16W Vengeance LPX 16 GB toal cost £371. I think I can recoup £200 from the old system. Happy days!
  13. Thanks buddy. The 2666 is a few quid cheaper, is it worth getting the 3000?
  14. Thanks for the advice. I have read that there are compatibility problems with ram and AMD. I don’t know if this is still a thing? i am looking at something like this Corsair White Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000 MHz RAM/Memory Kit 2x 8GB. Will I have any issues?