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  1. FitnessOgre

    Dell r710 pci 8x gpu

    As someone who has several R710's still in production, you can put a card in there, but as stated above there are no free power connectors.
  2. FitnessOgre

    Sharing internet between buildings (500m apart)

    If you are set on a fiber connection - MM will get the job done, but SM will give you more speed options over a longer range. The problem I have noticed with SM though is that the SFP Modules tend to be more expensive at least in Cisco and HP Switches. If you go with a Copper to Fiber converter, SM ones from black box aren't horribly priced though they introduce another point of failure into your network. A managed switch with Muli-use network ports would be ideal on each end, and corresponding SFP SM modules. More expensive but you get more options. If you plan on pushing the cable through the ground in a conduit or whatever, pre-terminated cables will require a bit more care so as to not damage the end. Wrapping the end before feeding it into the conduit would be necessary. Other wise you could hire someone to terminate for you if you aren't sure how... A skill I wish I had. Frankly for what you are describing a P2P Wireless Bridge (assuming you have relative line of sight) would give you the best bang for your buck. You can get decent speeds from UBNT Wireless Bridges over greater distances for about $125 US per side. Easy to mount, easy to configure, and generally pain free. Sounds like a fun project. Enjoy!
  3. FitnessOgre

    Short range high speed point to point.

    While this would be the fastest option... It would also be the most expensive. Unless the OP knows how to properly cut and terminate fiber optic cable, a pre-made 500ft outdoor rated cable will run you about $500 USD then the Fiber to Copper converters would be another couple hundred bucks. Cheaper to buy a high-speed wireless bridge. And quicker to setup. Ubiquiti Nano-Bridges are easy to setup and fast. Or you could go with the Nanobeams which are a bigger, but have more capacity. You can get two Nanobridges for about $200 US. Not difficult to configure, and only need a Cat 5e or Cat 6e cable and either a POE enabled switch or plug in the included power injector. At 500ft the hardest thing will be aligning the antenna's which is not difficult at all.
  4. FitnessOgre

    Can’t boot windows 10 on server

    You may need to set the HP Smart Array as the Boot Device in the BIOS.
  5. FitnessOgre

    [TS228A] Windows cannot access \\NAS

    If you had tried \\server_ip it would have worked. You were using a NetBIOS name of the server/NAS. Good fix!
  6. FitnessOgre

    Send files from one desktop to another

    Based on what you described; I think your speed is either being limited by the write speed of disk you are writing to. 50MB per second is about 400Mbps so your network doesn't appear to be the bottleneck. Unless the switch/router you have between the two computers just isn't able to handle the bandwidth. You could try connecting the two computers together using a cross over cable and perform the same test. Eliminate the network layer.
  7. FitnessOgre

    Does server need to join AD?

    You don't have to join a server to the domain, however it makes using that server easier in a domain environment. Security and access rights and all the benefits of AD. Is there a reason why you don't want to join the server to the domain?
  8. FitnessOgre

    Someone is hacking my server,I need your help

    You should see the logs on my firewall... The internet is a filthy cesspool of this crap. Strong Passwords, and possibly consider putting a firewall/router in front of that server, block all the ports you aren't using, and decrease the number of attack vectors to your server. Telnet... Gross.
  9. FitnessOgre

    Office NAS's

    DIY Solutions for the workplace are not ideal unless you are willing to support this box. QNAP or Synology offer business class NAS devices that will meet your needs. While neither are intended for the enterprise level, the QNAP's I find are pretty solid. We have some in our fleet that are over 6 years old and still running no problem.
  10. FitnessOgre

    Rackmount 1U NAS for Friend what should I buy?

    We use http://www.qnapworks.com/TS-453BU-RP.asp for field offices for backup and sometime VM Storage. I like them but Synology is pretty comparable.
  11. FitnessOgre

    Help with server

    As a long time server admin, my advice to you is especially with HP is to talk to your sales guy. Don't be afraid to ask these guys questions, they know what their kit can do. However the server you are looking for is probably going to cost more than $10K for those spec's. A few recommendations; 1) If your company is on HP the DL380 Gen 9 2U server will give you the most options in terms of disk and space. Lots of room for extra NICs and or FC or whatever if you ever need to connect it to a SAN. 2) 128GB of RAM would be a minimum. Always get more RAM when you can. 3) To get the 5TB RAID 10 you will need either 10 x 1TB SAS disks for the RAID 10. Or 6 1.8TB SAS disks. I would also suggest that you get a separate pair of disks for your OS running a RAID1. 300GB seems to be standard small size for basic disks. Good luck!