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  1. Hey Linus, loved the video. You said you forgot how much a 5 1/4" floppy holds. Depends on it's age and format. In the pre-DOS and DOS days they started out as Single Sided Single Density (SSSD) disks and could store 180Kbytes, Single Sided Double Density brought the capacity to 360K, then double sided to 720K, and lastly DSHD high Density disks gave you 1.2Mb. If you were an Apple user, the capacities were a little higher due to formatting differences even though the physical media was the same. Thanks for bringing my memories of High School back ?
  2. I hate the earrings to, but the rest of you is adorable....so there!
  3. Get on the phone with Apple Support. Tell them you want the unit replaced if they can't fix it. Ask for a supervisor, then ask for their supervisor, eventually you'll get to someone who has the authority to authorize a replacement. If I can do it for a BMW, you can do it for an Apple. ?