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  1. sorry i didnt know that freesync can work with nvidia cards
  2. So im planning on getting a RTX 2060 Super and i was wondering if its possible to use g-sync on a freesync monitor. Right now i have an Acer 27" 75 Hz freesync monitor and I am planning on getting a g sync monitor
  3. well thats when i went to the commend prompt to check the speed and it showed me 2133 but the ram stick i have is a GeIL Evo Potenza 8GB DDR4 2400
  4. ok well i do have wallpaper engine and i dont think i have any updates running in the background when ever i want to play FFXV and i usually close out of any applications before i play any games and i doubt i have a virus but here are my pc specs: GPU: MSI RX 580 4GB, Motherboard: B350M BAZOOKA, 8GB RAM, CPU: Ryzen 2700
  5. no i havent ill try it and see if it works
  6. in what way would it make a difference? like more fps, better performance? because i mainly want to upgrade because with my rx 580 theres some stutter in some games but its really noticeable when playing FFXV on any setting (and ive tried changing the settings but nothing changes)
  7. I just wanted to know if upgrading from an RX 580 to a GTX 1070 makes a huge difference or not and yes i know about getting a gtx 1080ti oe 1080 or any of the new graphics cards is better but i just want to know about the 1070
  8. alright well ill buy new fans to put in front and see if it helps it thanks
  9. would putting fans on the front side of the case help? because like i said i have one fan on the back and 2 on top of the case but there also the fans that came with the case
  10. It’s not really sagging that much
  11. It’s not overclocked or anything and my case does have proper ventilation I even have 3 fans 2 on top and one in the back of the case and I’ve been messing around with MSI afterburner to change the fan speed and I’ve brought the temperature down to 83 right now