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  1. The biggest one is probably going to be NVIDIA GameWorks, IMO. Also, NVIDIA is MUCH better & faster about giving you drivers to fix and/or improve performance. They also have GameReady Drivers which are released prior to Triple A title games coming out. As far as AMD goes, honestly.. Much of what they had is kind of becoming irrelevant (unfortunately) in one way or another; for example, Mantle. But if I had to say one, I would say FreeSync. (Although NVIDIA also has GSync..)
  2. Start -> Search this: Desktop Icon Settings Un-check the Network icon box. If it's already unchecked, just check, save, uncheck and it'll go away. (this happens once in a while) That's it.
  3. You were "done here" before you started. Your immaturity rang supreme. And you've still missed the point. OP asked What the LEDs on Fans look like, not IF "blueballs" likes LEDs on fans. So, no, your personal opinion was not needed. You're wrong in every single word you uttered in this thread, except for being done here. That you are. Now, onto something that matters... @Biferony - The best answer here is to watch YT videos of the fans in action. I know exactly what you mean; not only is it hard to evaluate what it'll look like, but many times the same fans might even seem different. There's a reason for that. But, again, just search YT for the particular fans you're interested in, or just comparison videos (there are plenty). I had this same question a few years back but back then there weren't as many videos, so you're lucky. The Internet wins again. Good luck mate~
  4. I'm confused as to how that has anything to do with what OP asked.. Your opinion & post-collecting is duly noted, if that's what you wanted, though..
  5. I would say look into either Fractal or Lian Li options. There's plenty that would work. However, whichever you choose.. You'll still need an extra 15 minutes at the airport while they decide if it's a PC, a Bomb or a Wild Animal.
  6. I like your train of thought, but.. No. They vibrate too much. Even if the HDD's don't actually hit anything else, doesn't mean it won't affect the HDD itself. #DeepTechThoughtOfTheDay
  7. Although the Plexiglass will hold the weight, it's going to be a prick-n-a-half to work with.... (will also depend on type, thickness, structure, etc) Have you ever tried to drill hole through Plexi before? Honestly, if your answer is no, this is not the type of job that'll yield a great result. If you have done it and are confident and know what you're doing, it'll look great.. But I would still think of another material to work with that would be easier to cut into & so forth. And yes, it doesn't matter what surface/material it is, when it's 2 Hard sources against each other, you'll want anti-vibration.
  8. It's surely no professional or high-end work, but it's 12 leagues above what I can draw.. #StickFiguresForLYFE
  9. G2A is beyond legit.. It's two levels above Epic. I do all my shopping there. That's why Steam Sales no longer matter to me... G2A = Year-Round Steam Sale.
  10. Here you go mate. Didn't know your OS, so here's the page with every variation. http://www.siliconguide.com/drivers/device/305/ Also, here's the newest driver NVIDIA has for the 7300 GS. The reason you couldn't find it is because it was moved to Legacy (which is much harder to find) http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/57493 Both those (see for yourself) support your GPU. Enjoy!
  11. Honestly, It could be a plethora of things But as of now I'm just super curious to see if you feel the same with another GPU (280X). Let me know if your friend experiences anything along the lines of what you did! Also, is he also using VGA? The bet way to really see wtf is going on is to control as many variables as you can. Less variables, less variances of what the problem could be. So have him use not only the Same connection, but the same exact cord, software, etc. Again, as much as possible, of course.. I'm sure he can't recreate your exact scenario.. But anything will help. But yeah, let me know what happens! Quite curious...
  12. Ohhh, ok now I know what you were referring to. At least now your comment makes sense to me. And no need to apologize my friend. It's called human error, and unless there's a MetaHuman in here; we're all going to continue making them. But yeah, I used that particular example just to show how drastic of a difference a vague statement can bring with it.
  13. Yes, I know what the dude said... I just don't have a clue how aesthetics are at all relevant to this conversation? I never once said anything about aesthetics in this thread... The only thing I was talking about in this topic is the noise level.
  14. Wait, what? Who said anything about aesthetic? I never said he implied anything of the sort... #confused :blink: And if we're jumping into the deep end... You guys do realize OP even stated that noise isn't an issue he's concerned with... Right?
  15. So just because some of Noctua's offerings are quieter - Hell, lets say ALL of Noctua's offerings are quieter than any AIO cooler - How does that equate to ALL air coolers being quieter than liquid? Even in top end.. Although, that in itself is slightly vague. Trust me, I know.. There are many air coolers that are dead silence and no AIO can compete... But making such a broad statement changes things. Even in the top end, there are a good amount of AIO's that are pretty damn quiet, to where even other components, such as 2 case fans at Max RPM, will drawn out the AIO cooler(s). And even if what you said IS fact (somehow) in a lot of the top end choices, the dB will be negligible, if noticeable. Again.. not ALL. PS: Are we forgetting that the RPMs on fans can change the outcome? Along with other variables?
  16. ....How can you possibly say that? When the OP just asked about AIO vs AIR - as a WHOLE - What you just indicated is that no matter what/versus any AIO cooler, AIR is always quieter?... Is it now.. Slightly far-fetched, IMO. That's like saying "ALL Razer products perform better than ALL Corsair products". There's about 329074 variables in each statement. Though, you are (somewhat) correct about the difference in degrees. Usually top vs top or bottom vs bottom end will be around that yield, yes. But saying air is quieter than liquid when there's PLENTY of AIO coolers that are 5x quieter than many AIR coolers really just made my head spin!
  17. This might help: http://bit.ly/1dxUUG8 Although they're mostly referencing OpenCL (not 2.0) I believe 90% of the programs (such as Sony Vegas, etc) use OpenCL 2.0. Now, I'm just shooting from the hip here, but I believe mostly, a lot of Content Production programs use/will use it. Also.. Wasn't OpenCL 2.1 announced just a couple months ago? I believe in March? Not sure if this changes anything for ya, just came to mind.
  18. GTX 980 will be steadily dropping in price in the coming weeks/months. The 980Ti will eat into the 980's market share, therefore NVIDIA will have no other choice but to lower it. So IMHO, patience is a virtue in this scenario. I would wait a little while and see what happens. Not to mention, with some very solid reports that the 300-Series by AMD is set to give NVIDIA a run for their money, this is even more reason to wait - whether you're waiting for the AMD GPU itself, or the fact that it's bound to eat into the 980's market share also, therefore lowering its price (probably...) That's my 2 cents on it. Plus, it's not like that's a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal, anyways.
  19. Okay, good. So besides that, what HAVE you done? Let me know so I can rule it out & further assist.
  20. VGA is Cancerous to your computer. That might be the problem. Bend your PC over and cuff its...fans. "Why So Seriousssssss?"... Most of the issues you mentioned, however, are almost exclusively linked to GPU problem(s). Of course, not always the case. And to be completely honest, this unfortunately does sound like a hardware issue instead of software... But that's just my first impression. Try the usual, turn it off, move some shit around make sure hardware is seated, etc, restart PC and check. Any changes yet, or still experiencing exact same issues?
  21. Huh? I'm confused... What are you talking about? ..Looked at my own build? Did you quote the right person? Lol
  22. Windows can be installed from a USB Thumb drive.. No need to waste ~$20 on an optical drive, bro. So there's $20-25 extra to spend on CPU or.. Not spend it and make it even cheaper.
  23. EVGA. For.. ALL the reasons. /End.
  24. MrYuriy

    First Tech President

    I'll send you a Titan X for a pound of some "dank ass" heroin. If interested, hit me up via the gallows of the internet. (4chan or YT comments, among others are applicable)
  25. MrYuriy

    First Tech President

    #Hashtag "Amurrika.. Land of the Free" Freedom of Speech comes in handy. I keep it in my back left pocket behind my concealed weapons lisence.