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  1. Here's a pic of the card sagging anyways http://imgur.com/DagffzF
  2. Its a bit hard to see but seems very noticeable IRL
  3. Here is a link http://imgur.com/8ZlwyLd
  4. Hmn seems like the photo isn't going there
  5. I have a Gtx 980 G.1 gaming and have just noticed the sag. So I took it out and found this... (See photo) What should I do? Is this a serious problem? It may not seem it in the photo but pci-e slot has a curve to it.
  6. I have always loved what you guys do, and i will continue loving it forever ! Grats on the 1Mill - Glad to be one of them !
  7. That custom skin looks great!
  8. I sure do love me a giveaway! And LG is giving away 25 ?? Waaaaaa. That high res screen and the nice brushed plastic backing
  9. So i was watching it on youtube and happen to pause it here.....
  10. Gregulimy


    Yeah true not everyone will be able to use it, but for enthusiasts it might play out well. If Oculus release a new Dev kit or a final version and i have enough money for that and this I'M IN !
  11. Gregulimy


    So this is amazing ..... here is the link to their kickstater, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yeitechnology/priovr-suit-up-game-on?ref=discovery at the time i am posting this they have funded it already.... So what this is, is a full body suit with sensors on it that captures your movements and can input them into a game. This would be amazing with an Oculus Rift